Different Ways To Repurpose Your Foundation

Different Ways To Repurpose Your Foundation

If we see any multipurpose product in our makeup arsenal, this is it, a foundation. Functionally serving to give flawless coverage, we can use the foundation for plenty of other uses as well that we’ll be discussing later in the feed.
Foundation is a versatile product that can be repurposed in different ways. We all invest in this staple product many opt for drugstore variants and many for high-end ones but we all own at least one foundation in our vanity, right? It’s the most basic and essential product when building our makeup kit therefore repurposing it would be a great help for all those who look to seek multiple benefits from a single product. And you can’t imagine branching out its use can save you some big shells and time.
Here we are sharing with you some of the ways that we love to use our foundation expect for what it is meant. Keep reading!

As An Eye Primer

Many of us love to keep our makeup gears as minimal as possible and therefore invest in a few products and eye primer is not what we all splurge at, right? But, what about the awful eyeshadow creasing and budging. That clearly shows eye primer is a must but you don’t need to buy that. Foundation impeccably works as an eye primer, providing a grip to the eye shadow so that they don’t budge around the whole day. Foundation serves as an eye primer really efficiently providing your eye shadows a smooth and even base and increasing the staying power. All you have to do is apply a dot of your foundation over your eyelids and dust loose powder on it before you apply eye shadow hues. And you’ll see no creasing and no budging. Hence, no need to buy an eye primer separately.

As A BB Cream

Who all want a light coverage tinted creams that don’t feel heavy and still provides a bit of coverage. Well, the beauty world convinces you using foundation on daily basis, is not good but for that coverage, BB cream is your everyday product but wait a second do we need that when we can use our foundations as BB creams. Do we seriously need to splurge on a BB cream?
Yes, heavy foundations can be made to work as BB cream that you could use daily. And it’s simple. Mix your moisturizer in your foundation and voila your BB cream is ready.

As A Concealer

Foundations can also be used as a concealer. Especially for a spot or blemish coverage. If you use foundation matching to your skin tone it can even work as your concealer. If you find your summer and winters shades change don’t just throw them, we can work them both. Well, your lightest shades can be used for highlighting the purpose and darker shades for concealing.
Just take a small amount of your foundation and apply wherever you need, dab it gently onto your skin using your fingers and here you get the purpose solved.

As A Lip Primer

Foundation can also be used as a lip primer that means you don’t need to have a separate lip primer. Lip products can cling to dry patches and exaggerate the fine lines so it’s really important to prep and prime your lips before applying the lip color. Apply foundation onto your lips before applying any of your lip product not only it will prime your lips but will also neutralize the lips for the best color pay-off from the lip color you’ll be going to use and will also increase the staying power.

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