4 Reasons why cleansing oil is the best makeup remover for all skin types

4 Reasons why cleansing oil is the best makeup remover for all skin types

Cleansing forms the base of your skincare routine, the effectiveness of your skincare regimen, and your skincare products largely depend on your cleansing habits. Most people prefer cleansing their face using facial cleanser and foams, and while they do a decent job of cleansing your skin, they somehow fail to clean your pores thoroughly. Cleansing should be done in a way that it can manage to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities settled within the pores thoroughly, and your normal cleansers fail to do this job effectively. This is where cleansing oil comes into the picture.

Since clogged pores can lead to acne, it’s imperative to keep your pores clean, and one of the only ways to keep your pores clean is by using cleansing oil. While most people prefer using micellar water to get rid of dirt and makeup at the end of the day, cleansing oil can do an equally amazing job, but we also know that most people refrain from using cleansing oil given that oil doesn’t really go well with most skin types. You shouldn’t let this fear or doubt keep you from experiencing the most fabulous benefits of using cleansing oil. To make you feel more certain about cleansing oil, we have listed some benefits of using a cleansing oil to remove makeup.


Eliminates deep-set dirt and impurities

One of the best benefits of using cleansing oil is it helps to remove dirt and impurities settled deep within your pores effectively. Cleansing oil helps in dissolving dirt and impurities settled deep within your pores and at the same time lift off the gunk. Take a few drops of cleansing oil on your fingers and massage it onto your skin for a minute or two. After that, wipe off your face using a facial wipe or cotton pad to remove oil as well as dirt and impurities from your face.


Doesn’t leave your skin irritated

Certain cleansers are pretty harsh in nature, and they don’t react well to some skin types, which in turn, makes the skin feel irritated. Cleansers containing chemicals can cause sensitive skin to become dry and irritated, therefore, you should be pretty careful when purchasing a cleanser for yourself, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Cleansing oils, on the other hand, are formulated using seed and plant-based oils. Unlike chemical-laden cleansers, cleansing oil feels very gentle on the skin and doesn’t make the skin feel irritated. Additionally, cleansing oils are suitable for every skin type, including sensitive skin.


Avoids dryness

Chemical-laden cleansers might help you achieve squeaky clean skin, but at the same time, they can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it excessively dry. Extreme dryness can invite a lot of other skin issues such as premature aging, acne breakouts, etc. When your skin feels too dry, it overproduces oil, which in turn, leads to an acne breakout situation. One of the easiest ways to deal with dryness or avoid this issue in the first place is by using cleansing oil. Since cleansing oil feels gentle on the skin and is formulated using plant and seed-based oils, they don’t make your skin feel dry.


Makes your skin feel soft and glowy

A cleansing oil proves to be of great help, especially during winter. Since winter leaves your skin excessively dry and patchy, oil-based cleansers not only help to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities from your skin, but they also make your skin feel soft and glowy. Therefore, if you deal with dryness and flakiness every winter, investing in cleansing oil will prove to be one of your best beauty purchases.

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