Whenever we hear the word denim jacket, most of the time it is associated with those classic denim jacket styles. Well, we agree that classic denim jackets will always remain the evergreen piece but there’s so much more to them than this classic style. Ever since denim jackets have been introduced in the market, they have always been loved and been in demand for their versatility and uber cool looks. However, with time they also went under a makeover and today come in all different styles, sizes, colors, and types.

When we speak of their practicality, they not only look very stylish but also provide your body with warmth and protect your skin from harsh weather. We just don’t see any reason to not have them in our wardrobe that too in all different styles. With how easy these jackets are to style with different outfits, you will never regret purchasing them. We have listed 5 denim jacket types which will never fail to impress you every single time.

1. Oversized denim jacket

Oversized denim jackets are very much in trend at the moment. This versatile jacket piece allows you to style it in a number of ways that can instantly make you look stylish and high on fashion. Their oversized and slouchy fit is what makes these jackets a very different style from others. The key to pulling off this jacket is to roll up your sleeves and layer it with a nice printed or graphic t-shirt. For the bottom, you can go with any style as long as the entire look comes out to be perfectly balanced and not the other way around. There are endless possibilities of wearing this oversized jacket. You can also layer it over your summer dress for an easy-breezy day or you can also choose to wear it over the shoulders for an extra cool effect.

2. Distressed denim jacket

Distressed style is not only limited to jeans, it has found its way to denim jackets as well. And quite honestly, we are loving them. It gives an extra edge to the jackets which makes them a perfect piece to layer over your outfits if you are looking to create a street style look. The distressing amount also varies from jacket to jacket, and that’s completely your choice which jacket you want to go for. Some jackets contain very less amount of tearing or fraying while some come with a generous amount of distressing. And no matter what, both the styles look equally amazing to be paired over your outfits.

3. Cropped denim jacket

They are basically the mini version of your classic denim jackets that comes with a cropped length and usually ends a few inches below your bust area. Much like any other jackets, these also come in different colors, washes and detailing. For instance, some of the jackets also come with little distressing especially at the hemline of the jacket which is usually frayed. And some also contains tearing, holes or worn effect. You can easily pair this jacket with many of your outfits such as dresses, jeans and top, etc.

If you can’t find the perfect piece for yourself, then you can do one thing. Buy a regular denim jacket of your choice and then cut the hems of the jacket as per your preference. Can there be anything better than this where you get to keep the desired length, no, right? Then go ahead and create your own denim jacket.

4. Colored denim jacket

And just when you thought that denim jackets come only in blue, here comes the colored denim jacket to bust your myth. From neutrals to bright and pastel colors, these jackets come in all possible forms. If you are feeling all easy-breezy opt for some neutral and pastel colors like white, pink, and peach. You can also go a little gutsy by opting for some bold and bright colors such as black, red, and yellow.

5. Detailing jacket

By detailing means, any sort of embellishment, patchwork or embroidery done on the jacket will come in this category. All the little detailing makes your regular denim jackets look more interesting and fun. These jackets look really stylish, chic and fancy which can easily be paired with almost anything.

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