5 Color Trends You’ll Be Seeing In The Year 2020

5 Color Trends You’ll Be Seeing In The Year 2020

The year 2020 is all about experimenting with new trends and stepping a bit out of your comfort zone to get the taste of all the current fashion trends. And going with the current season, we all are busy pulling off a sweater, boots, and coats, to be all prepped up for the winter season. And winters are mostly about dark and neutral shades which primarily involve black and before we become too fond of this idea, we should know about a few trends that will probably be seen dominating the year 2020. We have spoken of all the other trends except for color trends. We spotted many different trends on the runways that showcased a plethora of styles and variants. But this time, there was something really different and enchanting about the colors that attracted our attention, making it the focal point of the look. So we decide to speak about the color trends which we believe might be the ones reigning the year 2020.

We have rounded up a list of 5 different color trends that will make their way into the year 2020 by the time spring enters.

Faded denim

Blue is one of those colors that speak highly of calm and soothing vibes. And this shade is literally any girl’s favorite when it comes to buying a pair of jeans, making it the easiest and reliable choice to go with. You will be seeing a lot of this color in the upcoming year, and that’s because of its approachable and easy-going vibes. Whether in the form of a dress or a top, you will spot this color trend everywhere. Some contrasting shades like bright pink and yellow will look amazing with the hues of this shade.

Coral pink

Another great example of soothing color is this shade that managed to be here on this list. It maintains a perfect balance of warm coral with a hint of pink shade. This shade exhibits the feminine vibe in the most perfect and subtle way. The best thing about this color is you can rock it during both the day and night. However, it is an ideal choice to be worn during evening outings, especially in a textured form like silk, sequins, tulle, etc. A co-ord suit set with sequins will be a perfect choice for evening affairs.


Shine bright like a sun by donning this number during summers. It is a perfect summer color that looks so refreshing and bright, making it a perfect choice to carry during day time. It is a perfect blend of yellow and orange tones, which can help to add a bold and optimistic touch to your outfit. From shoes to dresses, you will see this color trend in all different forms and styles.


The evergreen and the most timeless color you can ever swear by is this white color. No spring or summer can ever feel complete without a full dose of white. There’s something about this shade that sets us in the mood and get us ready for the warm weather. You will see this shade in many different textures and variants, varying from lace to satin fabric and also the different shades like bright white, brilliant white, oyster mushroom, etc. One thing is for sure; you won’t regret investing in this neutral shade.

Fiery red

There is no other color that can look as bold, bright, and fierce as red. It is the color that can easily grab the attention without even any need to try. Exhibiting confidence and styles, this color is unquestionably a sartorial choice that can help you make a statement with its bold appearance. You can find it in different hues of bright red as well as in different fabrics like lace, silk, satin, etc.

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