5 Fashion myths every girl needs to stop believing

5 Fashion myths every girl needs to stop believing

When it comes to fashion, every person holds different opinions and views regarding certain things. While some believe that there are some rules to fashion, some believe that fashion has no boundaries and can be molded in ways that reflect the best of you and your personality. And we couldn’t agree more with the latter part as there are no such rules to fashion, one can dress up any way they want. There are so many myths and misconceptions about what one should wear and what one should not. The most important thing to know before anything else is that you don’t dress up for others but for yourself. There’s no need to succumb under these fashion stereotypes that aren’t doing any good to the fashion world.  You can dress up any way you like because it can be the best way to express yourself and reflect your personality. We have made a list of 5 fashion myths that are still believed to be prevalent, but we are so done playing with these rules and so should you.

No bright colors for dusky women

The most common and believed misconception anyone could have regarding dusky women is that they can’t really carry off bright colors. Well, for all the girls who fret experimenting with bright colors, it’s time you get rid of this incorrect conception that you have regarding bright colors. We understand that you have long been fed with the thought that you cannot carry bright colors as amazingly as any other person, but that’s not at all true. In fact, you can also rock some of the prettiest colors and look stunning in them. It’s just, you need to shed your inhibitions, and whatever you wear, wear it proudly and confidently.

Wearing prints according to the body type

Originally, prints were not introduced in the market with the thought of whether it will suit a particular body type or not. It was just our mind process that made us get used to the idea of wearing prints according to the body type, such as many women believe that larger prints suit larger women and smaller prints suit petite women, that’s a rule we should seriously get over with. Don’t let these rules decide for you what print you can wear or what you cannot, that’s completely absurd. As long as the print is looking great on you, you can rock them anyway regardless of your body size.

Only thin women can wear crop tops

Again, no one can tell you what will look good on you. As long as you are comfortable wearing certain things, nobody can stop you from rocking the look. Crop tops are undoubtedly very chic and edgy pieces of clothing, and it’s not just thin women who can rock them, women of any body size can rock them in equally amazing way. For an easy start, you can team up your crop tops with high waist jeans and skirt; this trick will surely help you to ease into the skin show.

Heels are far better than flats

Well, we cannot entirely disagree with the fact, but flats can look equally amazing and work as effectively for your posture as heels do. Heels may help in providing an extra boost to your posture and body silhouette but here you cannot deny the importance and the effectiveness of flats. As you long as you are carrying things the right way, nothing can stop you from rocking a pair of flats.

You cannot play with different prints

There was a time when mixing different prints together was used to look down upon, but today, you may see a lot of people experimenting with different prints, whether, on runways or street style look, everybody is rocking this style like a pro. There was this huge misconception that everyone had regarding mixing prints, which is, that it can visually make you appear too busy. But that’s not the case, it entirely depends on what prints you are mixing. For example, polka dots print and stripes together can look as ravishing as they would have looked separately.

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