Stepping aside from regular jeans and styling yourself in the latest trend of boyfriend jeans requires a lot of courage since most of the people think that boyfriend jeans is just ugly clothing with baggy and slouchy look. But it really depends on how you style it. One is definitely skeptical of stepping out of his/her comfort zone and wearing something that is condemned by the majority but there is no harm in actually giving it a try, is it? They are extremely comfortable for and can be styled and worn differently either for a casual outing or semi formal too. Perks!

They can either be your best friend or worst enemy, all depends on the way you style it. The only conflict is the slouchy look of the jeans which it can be diluted by completing the look with a really cool tee or the right pair of shoes. The purpose is to add a touch of glamour so you better know the rules of wearing it with your daily outfits that work best for you.

  • DOUBLE DENIM TREND– is always on the go no matter what. It was trendy in the 90s and will be in fashion for decades to come. So it’s basically pairing your jeans with a trendy denim jacket or shirt. You can always cuff the sleeves to give a more relaxed and undone look. The benefits are two fold; It is one of the best streetwear styles to give your body a toned look and trendy summer look on the other hand. Double denim is a magic trick to appear as rugged and casual but also to get heads turned on you.

  • BOYFRIEND JEANS AND HEELS, WHY NOT?– Yes you read that right; gone are the days when heels were just meant for parties and formal wear because they were so uncomfortable to be worn with regular outfits. But today, wearing heels with any outfit automatically turns into a more refined and glamourous look so your pick for heels with jeans is just right! Peep toes stilettos or strappy block heels give definition to your boyfriend jeans. Pumps and Wedges can be paired for a more casual outing and you’re good to go for a lunch date.

  • LOOSE T-SHIRTS– in prints like bright florals, leopard prints or a plain white tshirt that is a bit baggy adds that cool factor to your personality as a whole. Tucking the entire tshirt in or loosely keeping one side out and tying a knot undoubtedly works best for best summer look. Complete the look by wearing white shoes, adding a cross-body bag and sunglasses on the top. An overflowy top with fashionable flats are also perfect for boyfriend jeans.

  • OVERSIZED JACKETS/BLAZERS– is another trend popular right now. Wearing clothes that are way over your size and falling off your shoulder is actually a style in trend right now for a more refined and tailored look. Skinny fit is definitely everyone’s choice and too mainstream but when you can stand out in the crowd, then why not. Opt for an oversized bomber jacket and cool sunglasses, contrast the whole thing with a pair of heels and there is your look.

  • TRENDY TUNICS– Oversized clothing has always been a statement. Pairing a loose tunic with your boyfriend jeans and strappy flats is something that can overpower any look. Wear a trendy necklace along with the outfit and in turn it compliments you giving a lean look. A tunic with long hemline appears as a cute chic dress and there you go!

With the right styling, boyfriend jeans is something you will love wearing all day everyday to make yourself look like a real fashionista. The best thing you can pair them with is the right attitude along with the right accessories for a balanced yet classic trendy look.

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