5 Natural Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

5 Natural Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

Rosy lips that feel soft to touch are a dream of all, right? But, not all of us are blessed with rosy lips, and even if we’re born with rosy lips over time the color has darkened. Always covering your natural lips with lipsticks and lip balms we know what the struggle is all about.
Here we have picked 5 most effective home-made remedies that will help you to get rosy lips naturally sans any artificial color. But before we jump onto the natural remedies we would like to suggest you that whatever remedy you pick, make sure to get effective results you use that consistently.

Lemon Juice

The bleaching properties present in the lemon juice makes it a great lightening agent. With layers of dead skin over our lips, the color lies hidden beneath so the citric acid in lemons exfoliates the lips removing all the dead skin and thus you get your natural pink pout back. There are two ways to use lemon juice and both are very simple.
The first one is to simply apply the lemon juice onto your lips and leave it overnight. Repeat the process each night for about two months.
The other way is to mix sugar and lemon juice and gently scrub your lips. You can do this thrice a week in addition with the first step.


Strawberries are infused with essential vitamins and minerals that help in making your lips pink. That’s the reason why you can see a lot of lip balms with strawberry as the main ingredient. You can apply strawberry in two ways:
You can make a mask of strawberry and baking soda. All you have to do is blend a few strawberries in a jar and add one tablespoon of baking soda in it. Before going to the bed apply it to your lips and keep it overnight. Do it for about one month every night.
The other way of using it is you can directly rub strawberry onto your lips and keep it for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off and apply a thick coat of moisturizing lip balm.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to be an amazing cure for dark lips. The moisturizing properties of coconut oil not only moisturizes your lips but also help to remove the texture. And, this remedy you can use several times a day like whenever you are free.
All you have to do using your fingertip apply coconut oil to your lips and repeat the process as much as you can in a day. It’s very simple to use remedy and we would recommend you to do it for at least one month.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is another magical ingredient to treat your dark lips. The emollient properties of almond oil help to lighten your dark lips and the nourishing properties just help you to get supple lips. You can use it in two ways:
Mix almond oil with lime juice as both work as a great lightening agent for your dark lips. Apply it as a mask over your lips and leave it overnight. Repeat the process every alternate for about one month.
Another way to use it is to apply it directly to your lips and leave it overnight. We would suggest you follow the step for about one month.

Rose Water And Honey

Mix about two drops of rose water in a half tablespoon of honey and apply the mask over your lips evenly. Keep it for about 30 minutes and repeat the step for one month.

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