6 REASONS TO SHOP AT NORDSTROM-if you aren’t already!

6 REASONS TO SHOP AT NORDSTROM-if you aren’t already!

If you’re a Nordstrom shopper already, you know that it ranks as an American shopping favorite and is a chain of luxury department stores offering compelling clothing, shoes, and accessories for all genders. There is a reason why Nordstrom has such a strong and loyal following. It is renowned for its extreme quality merchandise and customer service. Nobody has ever claimed to have an experience that would challenge their reputation. So if you value the quality of your clothing more than anything, this is your shopping place for sure. There are several reasons to shop here and we have narrowed them down to six. Nordstrom has managed to set itself apart from other brands by adding a little touch of all these points.


In-store, online and over the phone- whatever you pick, there’s no place where Nordstrom doesn’t practice its exceptional customer service. It just surpasses everything! The employees are so helpful and knowledgeable that all your grievances are addressed within no time. It’s always a pleasant feeling to go to a store where they value the customer more than money and Nordstrom is definitely one of them. Being so high end and luxurious, you won’t see even an inch of pride in them. All you would see is a very courteous and humble behavior to give you the best service of all times.


None of us likes to exchange or return the clothes we have bought because going through all that process of return is very fussy. But at Nordstrom, it is the easiest thing to do. Anyone can fearlessly tackle the dreadful process of returns here and they are generous enough to entertain you every time. Their policy states that no policy is actually in place but each customer is case by case. There might be some exceptions every now and then but on the whole, Nordstrom provides a great open return policy. This is also one of the reasons why customers keep coming back here.


As a brand, Nordstrom offers plenty of services to its customers. But these are not just limited to products and sales. A number of other special services also come along that some of you might be already familiar with. Those who don’t can always visit the store and try the next time. Some of these services include Certified fit specialists in the shoe and lingerie department, spa treatments, shoe shining, alterations, tailoring as well as custom made suits and dress shirts. What could be better than this?


The Nordstrom stores do not just ace in cleanliness but also in being the most organized and tidy outlets ever. It’s like you can blindly go to any corner and you’ll know that your product is right there. If a product is on display somewhere then similar colors and sizes won’t be far away. It is that organized with all divided sections and racks that it makes shopping even more fun. Even the checkout counters are not full of clutter. We can’t recall any experience of long waiting lines or struggle to locate the article we wanted.


So basically, if a Coach bag is on your wish list and Coach was offering a 25% discount off that week, what you can do is bring in the advertisement at Nordstrom and after verifying if that’s the same product; Nordstrom will also give you a 25% discount on it! How cool is that? Would you want to go to any other store for shopping? We don’t think so! Nordstrom is one such store that honors discounts from other stores on identical products and gives the same. This is something we cannot even begin to put a value on.


Nordstrom excels every time in making your shopping experience the best and easier than ever. It offers a number of personal stylists so that you pick just the perfect piece for yourself. Beauty stylists and wedding stylists are at pace with you all the time, if required and on prior appointment. Anyone looking for the latest trendy fashion outfits or wants to update their beauty products; this is your rescue from all the hustle. Even while shopping for a wedding, they will handpick the best dresses based on your preferences and budget.

Nordstrom has something for everyone out there. Now you won’t be looking for reasons to shop here. So hurry up, enjoy the perks and become a Nordstrom favorite!

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