Amazing ways to play up your brown eyes using makeup

Amazing ways to play up your brown eyes using makeup

A fabulous eye makeup look can transform any look from good to great in no time. Makeup is that tool, which on correct use can help to accentuate your best features, including your eyes. Your eyes are one of the only parts of your face where you can show your creativity and be experimental. While creating different eye makeup looks is not exactly rocket science, it can be learned over time with some practice, the thing that matters the most is creating eye makeup looks based not only on your skin tone but the color of your eyes as well. When you create an eye makeup look based on your eye color, the entire look turns out to be even more flattering and stunning. The eye colors can vary from greens and blues to black and browns, but of all the eye colors we are aware of, people with brown eyes can rock just about any beauty look, and we definitely envy this attribute of theirs.
While blue or hazel colored eyes look more exotic than any other eye colors, brown eyes take the cake here, granting they have tons of opportunities to experiment with different eye makeup looks. Whether you fall on the light shade of the brown spectrum or the dark shade, you have an abundance of options when it comes to eye makeup looks. Just for your convenience, we have listed a couple of makeup tips that will come in super handy the next time you do your eye makeup.

Experiment with colors

Given the versatility of brown eyes, almost every color in your eyeshadow palette will perfectly complement your eyes. From greens and yellows to blues and pinks, there’s no shade that won’t look good on brown eyes. This versatility is especially a blessing for those who like to experiment with different colors. You don’t have to be afraid of using different colors with brown eyes as there’s no such look you won’t be able to pull off. If you want to take baby steps, you can start with colorful eyeliners and then slowly expand your horizons to experiment with bold eyeshadow shades.

Play around with blue

Brown eyes look the most stunning when blue color is used to create an eye makeup look. Blue eye makeup creates a heavenly contrast with brown eyes, and it looks incredibly beautiful. You can play around with blue on your eyes on days when you want to add some drama to the look. A blue smokey eye look is one of the best ways to use this shade on your eyes. You can also highlight the inner corners of your eye using a lighter shade of blue to add extra drama and depth to the look.

Keep your brows simple


Colorful eye makeup looks incredibly stunning in itself; you don’t want to add something extra to your makeup look that will draw attention from your eye makeup. Therefore, when it comes to your brows, you should keep them as simple and basic as you can. Just groom your brows a bit by brushing and filling them with a brow pencil, make sure that you are using the brow product in the same shade as your natural brow color. You can also apply some highlighter to your brow bone for extra depth and dimension.

Pick the right lipstick shade


When it comes to finding the perfect lipstick for brown-eyed girls, most lipstick shades will end up looking fabulous on you. However, you should stay away from shades that have blue or other cool undertones in them. Lipstick colors that are warm and vivid will make excellent choices as they help to add some depth to the brown eyes.

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