Apparel Wear Knowledge Every Girl Should Acquire

Apparel Wear Knowledge Every Girl Should Acquire

To be flawless in our looks and attire is what we all need in life. Well, this isn’t a wrong wish to have, but you need to work for things to fall in the way you want them to be. So, to begin you need to have the basis in your wardrobe and some styling hacks that can make your body look good and impressive. So, let’s begin to discuss the styling tacts which will enhance your personality and looks.

Perfect Bra

You must know your correct size in order to take a correct bra. If you are wearing something which isn’t your correct size then you are looking bulky in your outfit. If you are afraid that the cup size is more than usual then there is nothing wrong with it. So, what if you have got heavy breasts you need to cater to them nicely because they will become shapeless and will reflect the bulge at the sides which is extremely unlikely. To find the right size bra you need to measure with a flexible inch tape. You need to measure the band and the center of your breast. Depending upon it the band you will get the size and the cup size will be the center measurement. Next time if you plan to purchase a new bra check your cup size and band size before.

Wear Whites

In order to wear the perfect whites, you need to keep two rules in mind the rule number one is to not wear white undergarments under white. It has been seen and done by most women; they always pull in their white bra for the white top. Well, instead of going for white, you need to go for the perfect skin reflecting nude. If you wear a nude bra under the white it is see-through. It doesn’t highlight your breast area. This is what eventually happens when you wear a white under white the bra highlights your region.
The second rule for white is to take a size bigger than your original size. This isn’t the rule for the blazers or jackets. This rule follows for the fit tops, tees, and shirts. When you have loose clothing you need to wear the nude bra inside and you will feel the difference. Firstly the white isn’t too shiny and making your body see-through and secondly, the loose clothing is making them feel comfortable and light.

Appear Taller

If you have a height like five feet two inches then you must wonder for the ways you could create an optical illusion of looking taller. Well, to have the illusion firstly you need to invest in nude pointed-toe pumps and trick the eye. If you are wearing any light color clothing than you need to make sure that you are wearing the light shade under. Suppose you are wearing white jeans and you have styled it with a dark blue upper. Then you can wear dark blue slippers but if you feel that you need to look taller than you need to wear either the nude pumps or the white heels this will give a sort of uplift to the outfit and make your legs appear taller.

Color Combo

We have have had trouble finding the correct match for the outfit or the jewelry. Well, you can sort out this mess with the help of the color wheel. If you haven’t got yourself a color wheel buy now then you need to get it in your closet. What this color wheel does is it tells you what you can pair or accessories with your outfit. The rule to follow here is a simple pair the warm tones with warm colors and cool tones with cool. The warm tone has a hint of yellow touch to them and the cool tone has the blue touch to the. So to make a perfect match, stick to all cool tones and if warm then, all warm tones.

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