Apple Body Type Outfit Styling Tips

Apple Body Type Outfit Styling Tips

It is one of the most commonly found shapes on the planet earth. It is sort of a round figure, where the upper portion till the waist is heavy than the lower portion. It can be difficult to styling these bodies to get a perfect hourglass illusion, however with the new apparel launch every year we have got some great options in styling the apple bodies. However, it is a personal opinion that one can dress up and look nice only if they feel confidant. Now, the saying goes for you, so what if the body is a little puppy you always have some talent, focus on that, and don’t overthink of your body. On that note let’s begin our styling.

Blouses and Tops

Well dressing up in blouse and tops with formal pants or jeans is the most common style of dressing. So let’s talk about the tops you should be getting for you. A peplum and empire waist tops are great for this body type. Anything which is separating the attention from your mid-area works best for this body type. To get the attention on the chest you can wear the deep V-neck t-shirts and if you think you have structured shoulders then a side falling t-shirt can be the style you want.

Wrap Dresses

There are many types of dresses that work best for this body type one of them is the wrap body dress. These dresses come in many patterns, you can find them in prints and solids. Sometimes the designs are different like the front wrap is shifted just under the bust or an inch or two below. The styling of the arms is changed, sometimes you get the small or no sleeves or there are puff sleeves. These wrap dresses are not only a friend of the apple body but the other body shapes as well. All body types look fabulous as well in these.


Layering can solve tones of problems for this body type. It creates the perfect illusion to the one seeing you diverting the attention from the fat on your body. Most of these shapes have a round tummy region and rest of the body in pretty good shape, so you can wear the loose off the shoulder, or tank top but the tummy betrays you. What can be done, you can wear a scarf around your neck or pull up a light overcoat for the summer. Whereas during the winters, you can wear a different color jacket than the under top this will cover an give an illusion of a thinner stomach. Moreover, you can play with colors in layers and it can be fun dressing up in various colors.


Jewelry has been a woman’s friend for long and this relation is just irreplaceable. If you feel that way about jewel then you are probably doing this step. The shinny, heavy, metallic jewels can make the other person attract to a certain portion of your body. So if you wear a nice layer of classy, not heavy jewelry around your neck then you will create the perfect illusion. It doesn’t have to be sparkly; if you add small thin layers of jewels that are in a trend they will look good as well.


Denim is being cut out differently for different body shapes. Such as people with a flat body have volume jeans so that their body looks in shape. The same thing goes for the apply bodies if you have heavy bottoms then rather than squeezing the fat in a skinny or stretchy jeans go for loose fit jeans. This will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Wearing mid waist jeans with a loose top will be a good choice. Other than that if you don’t have an extremely big tummy than high waist jeans can be worn to hide the slight extra fat.

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