Boyfriend accessories that are worth the steal

Boyfriend accessories that are worth the steal

If you are standing in front of your wardrobe and thinking you have nothing to wear, then don’t worry because you are just another girl with the most hypothetical problem. There is literally one solution to it and that is to shop till you drop. But can you? Well, you can’t. So, in that case, we have derived this even better solution than shopping. Hop on to your boyfriend’s house and steal his accessories that are totally worth it. They will give a new definition to your style and will also add a new collection to your wardrobe. Check them out!

His oversized watches

One of the most exquisite things that you can pick from your boyfriend’s wardrobe is his watch. Watch is that one accessory that everyone wears- men, women, kids and that too, for all their outings- casual, lunches, fine dine as well as workplace. This accessory is something everyone adores and that is why you must pick it from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. This is because this watch will obviously be oversized with a big dial and a broad strap. If you flaunt it with your regular outfit, it will showcase the perfect tomboy look. Moreover, men watches have this analog feature as well as bling dials in a manly style. They look super elegant and can transform your look just like that. Oversized watches with big dials have created a rage!

His Wide belts

Although women belts have also extended their horizons and have shifted their horizons from sleek to wide, men belts are something else. The kind of cool vibe they have is matchless. If you are looking for something that will add an edgy look to your outfit, it would be this wide belt from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Their belts are usually thick and are available in plenty of colors ranging from rust to olive to blacks. These belts can turn out to be your perfect accessory and can become a game-changer for styling your outfits. Have them paired with your tunic dresses, jackets, tank tops, formal shirts, etc. for the most flattering outfit. These bulky belts work best for every woman out there.

His fancy cuff links

The thing about cuff links is that they have always been related to a particular gender while the truth in the matter is that they are gender-neutral. They have a unique vibe in them that instantly upgrades the look of any of your formal outfits. By formal, we mean your shirts, blazers, coats, etc that can be worn to your conferences, meetings as well as formal lunches. If you wish to add an edgy factor to these apparel, then these cuff links would work best. Anything you pick along with these cuff links will add to the overall look and will make you look like the boss lady that you are. For the ultimate impressive look, add a pair of golden cuff links to your formal attire. Be it with a skirt or with trousers, your upper should always flaunt this one.

His oversized sunglasses

His oversized sunglasses are the most flattering accessories that you can pick from his wardrobe. The thing about this pair of sunglasses is that they can never go wrong. Women’s fashion also has this unique line in sunglasses that have been specially curated to add a big look to the face. With these oversized sunglasses, you can look all sexy and chic effortlessly. There is literally no way that you should not pick this one because they are one of the most flaunted styles. You will spot celebrities as well as people on the streets carrying this one with all their outfits. With a wide frame, this pair of sunglasses look super cool and add that oomph to your look. Wear them casually with a fedora hat for an ultimate beach look too.

His perfume

Yes, this is a thing. As a matter of fact, we all know that men’s perfumes tend to last longer than women’s. And if you too believe so, then you must steal your boyfriend’s perfumes and flaunt them on every outing of yours. If you like the idea of adding that masculine fragrance to your body alongside feminity, then this perfume will help you pull off that aura. This lingering smell around you will make you feel like you are cuddling with him and will also stay intact for a much longer time. Simply spritz a little of his perfume on your scarf or upper and in the hair. This is the ultimate thing to create an impressive aura.

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