What has scandalised the masses for centuries and always kept a secret talk is lingerie as clothing and a very top notch fashion article. With evolution in fashion, lingerie has blurred the lines between outerwear and innerwear. It has come out in the open as ready-to-wear and has become fashion’s current fetish.  Some things take time to get into our heads and it’s time that we swallow lingerie as certified clothing. You won’t believe but it actually affects the way we feel about ourselves and boosts our confidence level. Sure it’s a different genre and cross-pollination of clothing and lingerie has brought something else to fashion. Embracing a style that has always been unexposed and hidden under a garment is enthralling.

Considering the fact that it is not seen in public, you’ll be surprised at what wonders it can do. It makes you feel happy and excited. It’s the first thing you put in the morning and the last thing you take off at night. A well tailored lingerie makes you feel amazing, read on to shop the sexiest ones!


Both babydolls and chemises are short nightgowns with a little difference. Chemises are usually body-fitted and skim the body around the thighs. Babydolls on the other hand are loosely fitted and have cups for extra support on the chest. These nightgowns draw attention to the waist and can be easily layered on your bras and panties for a new spin of lingerie that you already have in your closet. A see through night gown, sounds too sexy? You can pick any length and colour of your choice. These play double duty as can be used as slips too.


Just how the name sounds, it’s meant to add spice to your lingerie wardrobe. This exotic piece comes in all kinds of colour and sky is the limit. From silk to lace, pastels to neons, you have an endless list of options to experiment from. These are super comfortable because of their design and material used. Panties are not the only range but also stockings, teddies and chemises. They come in all sizes for petite to plus sized women. So every woman out there can find a piece that fits and looks like it was made jus for you.


Bras are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and we can’t step out without them. Whether you’re looking for a sweet bralette to flaunt under a tank top or a sexy push-up bra, you need to pick just the right one that gives shape and support to your breasts. Don’t limit your choices; pick a variety of bras for all types of clothes. Strapless, lacy, convertible, detachable and push-ups, sky is the limit! With comfortable fit and tight fit, it would be the right investment. A well tailored bra would make you feel amazing even if you’re the only one who can see it! Try layering a nice lace bra under a white tank top to make a easy breezy fashion statement.


Corsets have been used for centuries as innerwear and outwear as a shape enhancement tool. It can easily accentuate your curves and give shape to the body. Cinching the waist, this classic piece is a lot more comfortable than it appears to be. The aesthetic of a corset is very classy and looks lovely always. On the other hand, if you want something less pretty and cinching on the waist, go for a bustier which is a perfect alternative and doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort. Both are great investments for shapewear and we’re sure everyone needs them.


Belts and lingerie, you must be wondering. These were used traditionally to keep the stockings from falling. Nowadays lingerie and stockings stay up all on their own so garter belts have become a means of adding seductive and ornamental touch to the lingerie set. It sits nicely on your hips and extends to the thighs and feels very comfortable. Just like bra straps, garter belts are also adjustable so you can fix it at the right length. Pair such garter belts with miniskirts for a retro fashion statement.


A little sexy and a little retro- welcome hosiery! It’s not lingerie alone but also part of a fashion wardrobe. Picking the colour of hosiery with your shoes is always a good bet. Hosiery stockings can easily be mix matched with your previous collection of bras and panties. Lace, fishnets, sheer are all styles available in this category and you’re sure to find the best one for yourself. And once you do, there will be plenty of reasons to wear them. A great addition to your lingerie wardrobe, there’s nothing better than flattering your body in a sure fire way.

Whether you’re planning a surprise for a special someone or treating yourself, finding lingerie you love is an investment that is sure to pay off!

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