Call it a ritual! Taking care of your skin is something you should do religiously to reap benefits from it and shine like a star. Depending on your skin type, there are different steps for everyone but the point is not to just layer your skin with products. The trick is to actually apply them in the correct order to get maximum benefits. You must know the purpose of each and what results are they going to deliver. With so many products in the market whether it’s makeup or skincare, choosing the right one for your skin and trusting each one of them might be a task to do. So we all go out every day, apply makeup and try to look best and presentable. After this long tiring day, if one sleeps with all the makeup and dirt on the face, it is sure to wreck the skin. So if we tell you that with our skincare regime, you will be done in minutes, we’re not lying. Just a few steps and you can welcome us for a delightful skin.


Always always always remove your makeup! No matter how tired and exhausted you feel, you must always remove that layering off your face. Nothing else wrecks your skin more than sleeping with makeup on. This is because we’re all out all day either at work or college, the dust and dirt also settles on our makeup thus clogging our pores and resulting in black heads. And you really don’t want that! It is essential to clean your face with a makeup remover or soaked wipes until it’s all gone. Never rub harshly on the face, always be gentle with this step especially while removing makeup from eyes and lips.


After you’re done removing your makeup, it is very important to make sure your skin is breathing just fine and is not carrying any weight of dirt and oil. Always cleanse your face in the morning first before putting on makeup and then at night before going to bed. Morning cleansing is important because all impurities that accumulate on the skin while sleeping either from hair or pillows should get rid of. A gentle cleanser will do wonders. Wet your skin with lukewarm water and with a cleanser, gently massage slowly in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions, upward and circular motions.


A lot of us out there don’t even know what toning does to our skin. This step is skipped by most and underestimated a lot. Some also believe that toners are harsh for our skin but that’s not the case. Toners are actually formulated to provide moisture to the skin. It is not strongly recommended to use it but the famous CTM is incomplete without it. Look for alcohol and paraben free toner that is more on the herbal side like with cucumber, aloe vera or rose water. Just pump a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it all over your face after cleansing.


Now that your skin is all squeaky clean and prepped up with a toner, it’s time to apply those thin consistency liquid creams to address and fight the flaws. This thin textured serum cream is meant for our specific concerns like acne, wrinkles or hyper pigmentation. They have the perfect formula to cope up with any breakouts or blemishes you spot on the face. Just take a little amount of serum and massage it into the skin properly. It is advised to wait for a few minutes before applying anything else on the face to let the serums do their wonder just in time.


After you’re done cleansing and toning the face which actually doesn’t take very long, it’s time to prep and hydrate skin with a good moisturizer. You should massage this into your skin in gentle circular motions on the face and neck as well. Hydration is a must for all dry-skin beauties because it fights wrinkles and blemishes. It’s like a barrier to protect your skin from any impurities. On the other hand, oily skin beauties also need to moisturize their skin- only the application quantity and type of moisturizer varies for both skin types. For maintaining skin balance, never skip this step.


Lastly, after you’ve hydrated your skin and ready to go to bed take a tiny amount of eye cream and massage it under the eyes to treat those bags, crow’s feet and dark circles. These are actually meant specifically for puffy eyes and dark bags under the eyes and work overnight to slowly get rid of them. There is no hard or fast rule to layer the product under the eyes; anything is just enough. It is recommended to use eye creams as early as in your 20s because it’s better to prevent than treat.

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