Casual Fall Outfits: What To Wear For Casual Day Out

Casual Fall Outfits: What To Wear For Casual Day Out

Winters are around the corner and we’re sure you’re looking for some cute outfit ideas you can throw on, right?
This is that time of the year when more than the style we look for the outfits that keep us warm but what if we tell you 5 such outfits that will not only keep you warm but will also raise your style a notch up.
In the feed, we have compiled 5 such looks that are super easy to carry and can be easily created using simple and basic winter pieces. If you want to know what we have got for you, well, then keep on reading!

Causal Brunch Look

This look is for the days when you want to dress comfortably and stylishly. Heading for a causal brunch, pair these wardrobe pieces together and you’re done.
Team up a button-down sweater with ripped mom jeans, if you want to keep the buttons open, add a white crop tee beneath for a quirky casual look. To elevate the look don’t forget to put on your classic pair of white sneakers and for a little extra look, you can add a gold-toned necklace too.

Denim On Denim

You can’t get wrong with the denim on denim look. We know coordinating the colors can be tricky but once you picked the denim shades you can’t get wrong wearing this style.
For this look, we would suggest you team up a denim jacket with blue-washed boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans will add a casual appeal to the outfit. To put together the look make sure you add hoop earrings, a stylish handbag, and ankle-length boots.
Keep your hair open or tie in a loose bun, and that’s it you’re ready to slay!

Corporate Look

Surely if you’re working you need some outfit options you can wear for a corporate meeting or on a semi-formal occasion, right?
Style your basic turtleneck top for the corporate meeting and all you have to do is-
Wear a black turtleneck top with black denim, to add a striking element to the monotone look throw a chunky waist belt, put on ankle-length boots and it’s done! If you love to accessorize the look you can add a handcuff bracelet and a silver-toned pendant and it’s a great winter look for a formal day out or for corporate meetings.

Last-Minute Look

Imagine you’re late for some important occasion and want to wear a quick outfit without forsaking the style factor, well; then, this outfit choice is just apt.
Pair an over-sized sweater with high waisted mom jeans; add your fave white sneakers to make the outfit more towards the casual side, throw on a crossbody bag and you’re ready! For a clean look don’t forget to tuck your over-sized sweater.
If you have a little extra time and want to elevate the look add a piece of chunky jewelry, experiment with your hair, and that’s it!

When It’s Too Cold Look


On the days when the temperature drops and you want to add layers to your outfit to keep you warm, this look is just right to keep you warm and raise your style.
Style together black turtleneck top, plaid pants, pair of white sneakers, and for that extra coziness throw a beige statement coat. And, you’re done! You can also switch to ankle-boots if you want to!

So, these are some of the causal outfit options you can wear in winter. We hope you liked all the looks and we also hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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