Chic ways to style a white button-down shirt

Chic ways to style a white button-down shirt

Our lives and wardrobes can never be the same without having a few basic staples. While trends are a huge part of the fashion industry, they are not everything. You also need to have a few basic fashion staples in your possession that will always have your back and will last you forever. And one such fashion staple is a white button-down shirt that is not only one of the most popular basic essentials but is also easily found in many girl’s wardrobes.
Besides the fact that white button-down shirts are incredibly chic in appearance, they are also extremely versatile and can be styled in multiple ways. No matter how you choose to style them, they will look flawless and effortless with just any outfit. While it’s ridiculously easy to spruce up your white button-down shirt, there are a few fashion pieces that do an exceptional job to make your white blouse look chicer.
To help you get along well with your button-down shirt, we have listed a few fashion items that will take your styling game to a whole new level.

A mini skirt

One of the best ways to style your white button-down shirt, particularly an oversize shirt, is by wearing it with a mini skirt. It is one of the most popular trends at the moment that has been gaining the attention of many fashion girls. Adding a mini skirt to the look instantly makes any outfit look a lot chicer and fashion-forward. You can easily find mini skirts in a whole range of options, differing in material, color, and styles. To make the outfit look current, consider unbuttoning your shirt from the bottom and let it sway on your body to keep things pretty interesting.

Straight-leg jeans

This is one of the safest and reliable pair you can go with to style your white button-down shirt. When nothing else works for you, straight leg jeans will always come to your easy rescue. Nothing really can beat the amazingness of this fashion article, which pairs flawlessly with almost everything.  This classic combo can easily make some heads turn when styled the right way. And you can do the styling in a multitude of ways such as keeping the shirt half-tucked or the sleeves off the shoulder.


Vest might not be the trending piece at the moment but this classic staple is sure to add a certain amount of interest and urbanity to your look. Layer it up over your white button-down shirt. This styling trick is particularly for those who are trying to create a statement look and well, a vest does quite an excellent to amp up the look of your button-down shirt and makes it look voguish. You can find these vests in thousands of options in varying styles, colors, and fabrics.

High-waisted shorts

A pair of shorts can make any outfit look stylish and bomb in no time and when it comes to high-waisted shorts, you certainly can never go wrong with this pair as it helps in creating a very flattering silhouette. This timeless piece looks flawless with a white button-down shirt. Make sure to tuck it inside to create a streamlined and polished look. You can also choose to roll the sleeves up a bit to give the outfit a very current feel.

Slouchy blazer

Keeping all casual and fashion-forward looks aside, if you are more into creating a sophisticated look then a slouchy blazer would prove to be an excellent choice to team up with your white button-down shirt. It’s not an unknown fact that blazers can make any outfit look more put together and organized. And when it comes to a white button-down shirt, apart from making your outfit look sophisticated, it will also work towards giving you a sleek appearance.

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