Jeans and t-shirt is that combination which can easily become every girl’s go-to outfit owing to the fact that it’s very easy to carry and can look very effortless by sprucing it up a bit. However, this calls for days when even this basic pairing doesn’t create a magic and requires some sprucing in order to look effortlessly stylish and amazing. And achieving that look is not really difficult, all it needs is some creative outfit inspiration and you will be good to go.

There are some very easy and simple ways to up the style quotient of this basic ensemble which can make you appear more classy and chic. We have rounded up a list of some easy ways to create the best out of this otherwise basic look.

1. With a patterned coat

One of the best ways of wearing this outfit is to layer it with a patterned coat. Opt for a coat that is eye-catching so that your outfit appears more striking and prominent. This ensemble can easily go well with your office look, to meet up with friends for brunch or for casual outings. You will never feel disappointed with the outcome of this outfit as it will make you appear very classy and stylish. For an elegant and sophisticated look, opt for simple yet striking pattern such as long plaid ones. They go perfectly well with your office look. Or you can also choose to go along with a playful vibe and opt for floral or polka dots print.

2. With a long cardigan

Give your outfit a touch of relaxed yet stylish feel by layering it with a long cardigan. This casual and breezy outfit is a great option for you to wear on days when you have to run some errands or just for a casual meet up with your friends. Your cardigan doesn’t have to be boring; you can opt for the color of your choice. For instance, bright and cheery colors will give you a very bubbly and quirky feel. Whereas, you can never go wrong with neutral colors as they flatter every person equally. A camel cardigan paired with ripped jeans make for an amazing and classy piece. You can either dress it up by sporting ankle boots and platform sandals or dress it down with sneakers and ballet flats.

3. Add some accessories

Layering isn’t the only thing that works here, you can also make your outfit shine by adding some gorgeous accessories to the look. On days when the sun can be too harsh to even layer something over this outfit, accessories can work like magic. Give your street style ensemble a classy and stylish touch by adding a stunning pair of sunglasses, a luxurious leather handbag and a stunning pair of shoes as in heels. They can easily make you appear expensive and trendy in a go.

4. With leopard print coat

We all know how animal print is trending like crazy so how can we forget to add them to our list. You can easily spruce up your basic outfits like this in a go by adding a leopard print coat over them. This cute and stunning piece can easily be worn to brunches, casual dates, dinners or any place you feel like. Also, they hold this ability to make a statement on their own so you wouldn’t need to put a lot of efforts in order to create a stylish outfit. You can carry this look with either a stylish pair of boots or white sneakers to give it an extra edge.

5. Double the denim (add denim jacket)

Denim on denim style has always been in trend and looks quite chic and fashionable to be sported on weekends. However, some women find it tricky to sport this combination as this style can easily go wrong if not done the right way. This ensemble will work well for days when you have to meet up with your friends for a casual brunch or any other casual outing. The key to acing this look is to carry both the jeans and the denim jacket of the same color in order to make it appear balanced and effortless.

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