Common mistakes to avoid while applying face masks

Common mistakes to avoid while applying face masks

While skincare routine does its part in improving the health of your skin and helps in treating some of your skin woes, there are also a few other beauty products that do quite a wondrous job at improvising your skin’s health and combating skin concerns. Wondering what that product is? It’s none other than face masks, which can be an ultimate addition to your beauty routine as they make such a huge difference to the way your skin feels. Besides the fact that they help in treating a few skin woes, they also feel pretty relaxing but it’s also relatively easier to go wrong with their application.
While face masks do help to up your skincare game, a few masking mistakes can also keep you from making the most of these magical products. It can a little hard to accept that people can go wrong with face masking but that’s the truth and there’s nothing you should worry about as long as we have got your back.
Listed below are some of the face masking mistakes that you should avoid making the next time.

Not taking your skin type into consideration

One of the silliest mistakes you can ever do while picking a face mask for you is not taking your skin type into consideration. No matter what beauty product you’re buying for yourself, you should always pick them according to your skin type. Besides your skin type, you should also keep your skin concerns in mind. For instance, if you have dry skin, you should pick a face mask that contains hydrating properties and for oily skin, you should look for face masks with mattifying agents.

Not cleaning your hands and face

Applying masks using dirty hands on your face is one of the horrible mistakes you will ever be making. Using dirty hands can easily transfer germs, dirt, and bacteria to your skin, which can result in acne. Therefore, the next time you have to apply a mask on your face, make sure that your hands are thoroughly cleaned.
The same goes for your uncleaned face. You should never apply a mask on your face unless it’s properly cleaned. This won’t only keep your face from absorbing the goodness of the product but can also clog your pores, which can result in an acne breakout. Therefore, always cleanse your face properly using a cleanser and then apply the face mask.

Using too much or too little

When it comes to applying beauty products, the quantity matters a lot. To make sure that you are reaping all the benefits of the product, it’s important to use it in the right amount. If you apply less product, you won’t exactly achieve the desired results and if you apply too much of it, this can leave your skin irritated. Always take it in the medium amount and apply one layer on your face evenly to let it do its job perfectly.

Keeping it on for too long

Keeping a mask on your face for too long can actually prove to be more disastrous than fruitful. While it’s quite natural to get distracted with other things when you have a face mask on, but letting it sit on your face for too long can easily leave your skin red, irritated, and highly sensitive. Therefore, always keep a track of time and keep the product on your face only for the recommended time. To be more particular about the time, make sure to read the instructions given at the back of the face mask you are applying so that you don’t end up messing with your delicate skin.

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