Common Myths Related To Acne Busted!

Common Myths Related To Acne Busted!

The wrong information is dangerous than having no information so it’s very important to debunk a few myths that mislead us to a great extent.
In this debunking session, we’ll be going to address a few popular myths related to acne. So, stay tuned till the end!
We all suffer from acne at some point in our lives so we all can clearly relate to a few popular things we have heard that have no scientific backing. Over time some myths have developed about acne for instance, what causes it and how to treat it? So, if you’re suffering from acne lately you need to bust these popular myths and want to know about the real story behind acne.
So, let’s get started!

Myth 1 You Only Get Acne In Puberty

One of the most popular stuff you’ll have heard and especially those who are teenaged and suffering from acne. If you’re in your teens the chances are pretty good that you’ll have some acne but that doesn’t mean only teenagers get acne.
Acne is a skin issue that can happen at any age or in any skin type. So, clear the stuff out of your mind rn!

Myth 2 Only Oily Skin Is Prone To Acne

Oily skin is prone to excessive sebum production and sebum production is the root cause of acne but that doesn’t mean only oily skin suffers from acne. Yes, oily skin has pretty good chances of attracting acne-causing bacteria much faster than other skin type but that doesn’t mean any other skin type doesn’t see acne breakouts.
Even dry skin can also have acne. Excessive sebum production is just one reason among various reasons that cause acne, pollution and dirt can also lead to acne and which we guess any skin could suffer from.

Myth 3 Dairy Products Causes Acne

Raise your hand if you’ve been advised by people around you to cut-off your dairy consumption as it will augment your acne breakouts, just kidding no need to raise your hands.
You might have seen many blogs quoting this as right but dairy consumption doesn’t control your acne breakouts. Rather than avoiding dairy products you should cut-off the products that are with high GIs. The foods with high glycemic content are listed below:
• White rice
• Doughnuts
• Millet
• White bread
• Cereals
• Sugar
• And, Watermelon
So, we hope by now you know what you have to avoid and what not.

Myth 4 Acne will go away on its own

Another popular saying is that don’t do much for treating acne as it will go on its own. We feel if you’re not treating acne you might make it worse. Hormonal acne is the most difficult acne type to deal with and you have to get it treated to avoid acne breakouts.
So, as soon as you see acne breakouts consult your dermatologist as they’ll guide you in a much better way. Acne doesn’t resolve on its own and keep that in mind.

Myth 5 Tan Clears Up Acne

Most of you have been suggested to get tanned to treat acne, right? In reality, sun exposure can damage the skin’s barrier, worsening the acne situation. The harmful UV rays can irritate your skin. Well, a little time in the sun won’t hurt but prolonged exposure can lead to more and more breakouts. Also, prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can lead to even skin cancer.
Make sure you apply an SPF whenever you step out of the house. And in acne-prone skin, we would recommend you use mineral-based sunscreen.

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