Common things that are causing pimples on the eyebrows

Common things that are causing pimples on the eyebrows

Getting pimples on the cheeks, forehead, or chin was still fine and normal but getting them on the brows is just another kind of nightmare that is here to haunt our day and night away. As weird as brow pimples may sound to you, they are the real deal and they are actually more common than you know. The main reason behind the occurrence of these pimples is your hair follicles that get clogged because of dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess oil. And we all know that clogged pores are always a piece of bad news as they can easily result in acne that can be quite painful if truth be told. If you have been experiencing these brow pimples for quite some time now, then there are actually a few things that are leading to this problem.
Listed below are 5 common things that are believed to be leading the cause of your brow pimples.

Threading or waxing of brows

You may have often observed that the day you get to thread or wax your brows, it often results in pimples on and around the brows. This thing is quite common in girls with sensitive skin but that doesn’t mean you will have to give up on threading or waxing your brows as these are the only ways you can keep your brows in shape. However, you can take some precautionary measures before getting your brows waxed or thread. Make sure to gently exfoliate your brows before the session and after you’re done with it, rub some ice on the brows to soothe the area down.

Brow products

Yes, you heard that right! Your brow products can also be held equally responsible for the occurrence of those pimples on your brows. The brow products that have silicones, petroleum, and VA/VP copolymer in them can easily result in brow pimples as they can clog your pores and can also result in pesky blackheads. Before you pick any brow product from the store, make sure that it is labeled noncomedogenic which helps in keeping pimples at bay.

Your hairstyle

Have you ever wondered that your hair can also be responsible for the occurrence of those pimples? If not then you start taking this into consideration especially when you have got bangs. Bangs constantly remain in touch with your forehead and eyebrows which make it easier for them to transfer all the dirt, oil, and build-up to the brows which ultimately clog the pores and results in pesky pimples. Try keeping your bangs away from your brows as much as you can in order to avoid getting pimples in that area.

Product build-up and excess oil

Much like your skin, your brows are also well capable of accumulating product build-up and excess oil production which can further prompt breakout. Cleaning your brows properly is as important as cleaning your face before hitting the bed. Sometimes the product doesn’t get removed from the brows properly and that can result in clogged pores and acne. Therefore, the next time you wash your face; don’t forget to clean the brows as well.

Using dirty makeup tools

The skin around your brows behaves in the exact same manner as the rest of your face and you know that using dirty makeup tools only indicates one thing and that’s a disaster that can result in the form of pimples. You definitely cannot make this mistake knowingly or else you can end up with those pimples on your brows. Dirty tools are a safe place for all the bacteria to harbor and by using the same tools on your brows, you will be actually transferring them to your skin which only means one thing and that’s a breakout. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep your brow tools as clean as possible and make sure to wash it as often as you can.

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