Coolest shorts styles to try this summer

Coolest shorts styles to try this summer

We do have to admit that there’s no other summer staple like denim cut off shorts that are trusty and versatile. But another important thing to keep in mind is that denim shorts are not the only style you can carry during summers, some other shorts styles that are trending this year is an easy way to add flair to your wardrobe and help you create some of the chic and cool summer outfits. While we would never really get rid of our denim shorts or consider replacing them with others, but we can always make some additional space for other pairs of shorts styles the new season has to offer. With some of the most trending and coolest shorts styles reigning the world at the moment, we thought of highlighting a few shorts styles that we consider are chic enough to be invested in and chances are, you may even forget about all your denim shorts for a while now.


Comfort has always been our first priority whenever dressing up. It’s one thing that no girl likes compromising with especially when it comes to the hot summer season. If there’s one thing that we girls would end up wearing for the most time this summer then it’s sweatshorts which feels nothing but incredibly cool and comfortable. It is one of the most popular shorts styles that are gaining popularity this season and we certainly don’t think there can be any other pair that can beat the comfort of these sweatshorts. You can easily dress it up or dress it down depending on where you’re carrying it, although it’s more into the casual side.

Long tailored shorts

If you are tired of wearing your shorts in the same typical length and are ready to experiment with a different style then you should consider investing in long tailored shorts that were seen dominating the spring and summer 2020 runways this year. And quite surprisingly, this pair of shorts goes well with almost everything right from blazers to tube tops. Not only these perfectly tailored shorts exhibit a sense of sophistication but they also add a touch of polish to all your summer outfits as in your tops. Look for these high waisted shorts in a neutral color to make sure that it pairs well with everything.

Bike shorts

Bike shorts are the next coolest thing you should be trying this summer. Although you may have seen this style before, it is again a thing now and is believed to be having quite a moment in the fashion industry. These bike shorts are a great replacement for your leggings as they provide the same amount of comfort and versatility as your leggings does. From oversized button-downs to cropped tops, these bike shorts are well known for their versatility, therefore, you can dress it up or dress it down the way you like.

Nylon running shorts

No matter if you are actually using it for running or wearing it just to lounge around your house to feel your comfortable best, whatever your reason is, investing in these nylon running shorts can prove to be a great splurge as they are most certainly having a big moment right now. No matter your taste, you will easily be able to find these shorts in so many cool and pretty colors as well as different styles. Pick the one that fits your requirement and you will never ever get tired of wearing them.

Linen shorts

Linen is one of the most breathable materials you can find during summers and when it is coming in the form of shorts, you certainly should not miss the chance to invest in this pair which will help you to create some of the chicest and trendy outfits for yourself this summer. Linen shorts are very easy to wear and most importantly they feel breathable which is a must to have during summers. Whether dressing it up with a button-down shirt and lace-up sandals or wearing it to the beach with your favorite bikini, either way, this pair of shorts is going to add extra oomph to your look.

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