Eyes are the most prominent feature on our face, which with a little bit of sprucing can make you feel like an absolute diva. A few makeup products such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, kohl, mascara, etc does this job really well. But today we will only be talking about eyeliners. They come in a wide range of variety and can easily be implied to be as one of the must-have products in your vanity. And when it comes to buying eyeliner for yourself you may find a whole different variety of them. Some differ in their formulation, some in their consistency and some in many other factors. Every eyeliner comes with different use and purpose and can be used as per your preference or the need.

We have listed some of the eyeliners that are most often spotted in the market and can be of great use for different purposes. Read on to know about them all.

Pencil eyeliner

It was just a few years ago when pencil eyeliners were the most used and loved product. However, the time has changed and so has these eyeliners. It was back then when pencil eyeliners were made out of wood which used to involve a lot of sharpening in order to create a sharp tip, which further lead to the wastage of this precious eyeliner pencil. But today, they come in a more practical way which is in the form of twist up pencils and the texture and formulations of such eyeliners are a lot creamier and smooth. If you are still a fan of this old school eyeliner style you can easily find one at the local stores or pharmacy. And mind you, this eyeliner will always remain the easiest and versatile product to work with.
They come in a whole range of variety, from smudge free ones to waterproof ones; every product comes with different use. You can also find different color options for eyeliners in this form.

Liquid eyeliner

The most basic and used kind of eyeliner is the liquid eyeliner. However, it does need quite a lot of practice in order to get a better hold of the applying technique. Because putting a lot of pressure on the brush can lead to the wrong application of it and make your eyeliner look unnecessarily thick and uneven. However, it remains the best choice when it comes to making a winged or cat eyeliner as the brush of such eyeliners is made keeping this thing in mind which further allows you to apply it with precision. The liquid formula of this eyeliner will be an easier choice for people who are a pro at applying it. But certainly not for those whose hands start to shake while applying, but fret not with some practice and learning it will become a child’s play for you as well.

Felt tip eyeliner

Felt tip eyeliner is a new take on your regular liquid eyeliner. This is an ideal choice for people who often struggle while applying liquid eyeliner as this doesn’t create a mess and allows you to control the kind of eyeliner style you are trying to achieve. Unlike liquid eyeliner, these don’t come with a brush instead they come with a felt-tip and which is what makes the entire process easier and mess free. The best thing about these eyeliners is it doesn’t get smudged off until you decide to wash it off and also makes sure you don’t use a lot of products.

Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliner usually comes in a small pot or container along with a brush in most of the cases. These eyeliners have a very waxy formulation which makes it an ideal choice for creating a smokey eye effect by smudging it off using a brush or q-tip. They are usually smudge less and come with a matte appearance. For someone, who loves their eyeliners to be long-lasting super dark and easy to use, look no further than this product. Several makeup artists, celebrities and newbies swear by this product. You can apply it using a fine brush which can also be used to create winged eyeliner.

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