When it comes to makeup there are a certain set of rules that everybody should bound to, in order to make no makeup mistake. However, when it comes to creating a smokey eye look, many girls tend to do a lot of mistakes while creating it and end up looking a complete nightmare. A smokey eye look is a very classic and timeless eye makeup trend that never really goes out of fashion. This look surely looks amazing and can easily be worked up for both day and night look. Black and grey are not the only colors that are used to create the variations, many other colors such as brown, tan and cream colors also does the job quite perfectly. However, the key to nailing this look is to wear it when the rest of your makeup is looking on point. Even a tiny mistake can turn out to be a complete blunder, so it’s always wise to abide by some rules and bear certain things in mind that will help you in creating a perfect and flawless sultry eye look.

Do add white color to the eyes

Just because you are creating a smokey eye look doesn’t mean you will completely shun adding any other color such as white. Adding white color to the smokey eye look is a great and effective way to make your eyes pop and make them look wide awake and attractive. You can either do it by adding white eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes or you can choose to apply white eyeliner to your lower waterline. Doing so will add a pop of color and some width to your eyes. Finish off the look by applying two coats of mascara to your lower lashes.

Don’t go overboard with the rest of your makeup

Let your smokey eye makeup be the highlight of your look by keeping the rest of your makeup very minimal and light. Smokey eyes work excellently well against minimal makeup. Keep your bronzer, blush and the lips very minimal and light. Nude lips shades perfectly complement the sultry eye look and make your eyes do all the talking. And in contrast to that, pairing your smokey eyes with dark lipstick and bronzer is nowhere going to look attractive and sexy.

Do experiment with different colors

Like we said before, black and grey aren’t the only colors that can be used to create a smokey eye look. It can also be created using many other dark as well as bright pigmented colors. For instance, brown, copper, gold, silver can also be used to create a smokey look. Apply the eyeshadow to the lid of your eyes, fill in the waterline with black eyeliner and don’t forget to apply the black eyeliner to your upper lash line as well, doing so will add more drama and dimension to the look.

Don’t forget to add highlighter

Applying highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes is a great way to make your smokey eyes pop put and make them look more attractive. However, taking highlighter all the way up to the brow bones is a big no-no. Going overboard with the shine and sparkle is only going to end up looking like a complete disaster. So it’s always best to just highlight the inner corner of your eyes either using a highlighter or a white eyeshadow.

Do add color to your cheeks

It’s a big misconception that adding colors to your cheek with a smokey eye look can make you look awful. The key to nailing the perfect combination of blush and smokey eye look is to choose the right shade of blush for yourself. Some light shades of pink and peach can be considered to be the perfect choice. You can pick the shade that perfectly complements your skin tone. Apply the blush to the apple of your cheeks, blend it very nicely and voila you will be all set to rock the day.

Don’t lose the control of your liner

We know applying a liner to your upper lashes is quite a struggle. But with the right control and patience, you can create that perfect winged or classic liner without any hassle. Always start slow and apply a thin layer of eyeliner, then you can work it up the way you want it to be made. However, a regular and classic eyeliner looks the best with the smokey eye look.

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