Earring trends that look deceptively expensive

Earring trends that look deceptively expensive

Aside from the shoes, your jewelry is one thing that can tie the whole look together and make the outfit look whole and elevated. While a piece of jewelry makes a fancy outfit look all the more glamorous, it actually works even wonders for the most basic and simplest outfit by transforming it into a chic and stylish one in no time. While every jewelry piece serves a different purpose and looks stunning in its own way, there’s something very alluring about earrings that they always manage to steal the show, and at the same time make the outfit look more forward and chic.
The best thing about having stunning pairs of earrings is they can transform even the most basic outfit from drab to fab in no time. Dressing down doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself or your outfit of style, simply wearing a stunning pair of earrings will do the trick. And when it comes to jewelry, nobody likes to don pieces that look cheap, which brings us to the point. Having expensive-looking earrings doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be expensive. There are so many options out there that might look expensive but definitely are super affordable. Listed below are 5 affordable earring trends that look expensive

Thin hoops

Hoops are one of the classic and timeless earrings out there. We witnessed them in every possible style, but of all the varieties presented to us, only a few of them managed to gain a reputation for being classic and thin hoops are definitely one of them. There was a time when thin hoops were everywhere, however, they were soon superseded by chunky tube ones. But that was in the past, and thin hoops are back with a bang again this year. Given the delicate appearance of these earrings, you can easily find a pair that looks expensive.

Pearls with an interesting twist

You can never really go wrong with pearls; they always manage to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the look. And the best thing about pearls is you can’t really distinguish between faux and real ones, which make them a more befitting choice. You can find pearl earrings in a variety of chic options; freshwater pearls are pretty much the fashion crowd favorite, considering they look pretty expensive. If you are meaning to invest in pearl earrings, looks for the ones that come with an interesting twist.

Curb chain earrings

The curb chain style is pretty much dominating the jewelry realm; this style has taken over every form of jewelry including earrings. From drop earrings to hoops, you can find these earrings in a vast range of options. The chunky, metallic nature of these curb chain earrings makes them look quite expensive, which definitely works in our favor.

Doorknocker earrings

Hoops are iconic, but if you are tired of wearing the same style of hoops every time, you should probably check out the doorknocker earrings that are trending at the moment. As the name suggests, doorknocker earrings resemble the hardware that is used to knock on the door. You can find them in an array of stylish options, stick to a subtle pair for a more expensive look.

Twisted hoops

Hoops are dominating the earrings realm, you will be spotting them in a myriad of styles this year, and one of the many styles to make it to our list is the twisted hoops. Twisted hoops feel much more interesting and current than tube hoops. Instead of purchasing thick, large hoops, opt for the ones that are smaller and thinner in appearance to make them feel more expensive.

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