Easiest ways to add neon color to your makeup look this monsoon

Easiest ways to add neon color to your makeup look this monsoon

Whether it’s monsoon or summer, there’s nothing that can keep us from applying makeup and make even the gloomiest of days seem bright and colorful. No matter if you love monsoon or not, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to keep yourself from experimenting with your makeup looks. Although monsoon season can affect our beauty routine in multiple ways and bring our spirits down, makeup can make anything and anyone looks better. As long as you have your trusty makeup by your side, not even the gloomiest day can bring your spirits down. While you may be used to doing your makeup in a pretty basic and usual way, you can easily add a fun and interesting twist to your look by adding a pop of color. This is an excellent way to switch your makeup look and make it appear more eye-catching.
For all those girls, who have never played with neon colors before, this is the right time for you to give it a go and make a huge difference to the way your makeup looks. We have rounded up a list of some fantastic ways to incorporate neon color to your makeup.

Highlight inner corner of your eyes

One of the simplest and easiest ways to add neon color into your makeup is by using it to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. It is an excellent way to help yourself get rid of those monsoon blues. Pick a bright and vibrant shade from your favorite eyeshadow palette and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes using a makeup brush. You can pick any color of your choice such as yellow, green, pink, orange; just make sure that it’s bright enough to make your eyes pop.

Graphic liner

For all those who are looking to add extra drama to the look, playing with your eye makeup is the best chance you have got. Eye makeup is arguably one of the best ways to give your makeup a dramatic effect and make it appear captivating. Instead of using your eyeshadow to create bold eye makeup looks, use colored eyeliner to create amusing eye looks. Graphic liner is one of the hottest makeup trends and you certainly can give it a try to add an oomph factor to your look.

Green-winged eyeshadow

While there’s no other product that can replace eyeliner permanently, we certainly can replace it temporarily with a colored eyeshadow to add a pop of color to the look. Instead of lining your upper or lower lash line with black or colored eyeliners, use a bright green shade to create a winged eyeshadow. This is quite an interesting take on winged eye makeup looks. Apart from adding a pop of color to your makeup, it will also add some needed drama to your eyes.

Fuschia pink lips

If playing with eye makeup is too much for you, you can simply stick to applying a bright shade to your lips. For all those who are looking for a quick way to add a dramatic effect to the look, applying a bright lip shade will do the trick. Fuschia pink lip shade is an excellent option to go with, it won’t only make you look edgier and chic but will also make your selfies look stunning.

Tangerine lips

Tangerine lip shade is a great alternative to Fuschia pink lip color. It is a great option for those who are not comfortable wearing Fuschia pink shade on the lips. Tangerine is an incredibly bold and beautiful color; wear it on one of your usual days to make your makeup look statement-worthy.

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