Easy Outfits For The Days When You Don’t Know What To Wear

Easy Outfits For The Days When You Don’t Know What To Wear

Even though our wardrobe is filled with so many outfit options, still there are days when you are clueless about what to wear? This happens with the majority of us especially when we have to attend something special, right?
Standing in your closet and staring for seconds, we can totally relate to the feeling! Keeping that in mind we have created some outfit formulas using the outfits that are very obvious to find in any wardrobe. This small favor will sort you for the days when you don’t find anything worth to be worn. If you want to know all the outfit options well, then, keep on reading!

Denim On Denim

The outfit combination that doesn’t demand you to put in much effort and time is the denim on denim. You just can’t go wrong with styling denim on denim. We all have denim shirts and of course denim pants, right? Why not pair them together for a stylish yet comfortable outfit.
Make sure when you’re going with denim on denim outfit option, you choose the color options really well. To accessorize the look don’t forget to team up gold-toned jewelry.

All Black

The next look on the list is our favorite all black. If you’re confused about what to wear, simply choose a black t-shirt and pair it with black jeans. The black monochrome look will not only look flattering but will also make you appear slimmer if that’s what you want. This style looks great on every body type.
If you want to elevate the look and add detail, you can opt for printed belts and shoes. Keeping everything black let the accessories do the talking. It’s easy to pair and carry all black and we’re sure you’ll love the outfit combination.

Oversize T-shirt And Jeans

If there has to be one of the all-time favorite outfit combinations that never lets us down, this is it! And, if you’re tired of wearing the look in the same usual style, we have gathered for you some different ways to style an oversize t-shirt and denim.
Tie into a knot- a cool way to make this usual combination fun is to tie from the front part into a knot.
Half-tuck- the next way is to half tuck the t-shirt.
Add Accessories- keeping everything usual add fun elements to the look using fun accessories.

Denim Skirt+ Tank Top

Another outfit that brings fun and excitement to your boring outfits’ days is pairing a denim skirt with the bright-hued tank top. We all have tank tops in so many colors. Why not pair it with a denim skirt? Not only the outfit combination will look stylish but is perfect for the casual days when you don’t want to do much still look your best.
Don’t forget to team up the look with a pair of sneakers to mark a quirky yet casual stamen look. We’re sure you all will slay this look!

Add Accessories

The outfits you wore the previous week can be styled this week too. Just add fun and different accessories to the look and no one can guess it’s the same outfit you wore the previous week.
• Add a scarf or detailed belt.
• Try flannel under a top or sweater.
• Add gold-toned jewelry.

So, these are some of the outfit formulas you can look on the days when you’re confused about what to wear and feel you have nothing to wear. But remember fashion is subjective and you can try experimenting with different looks and see what works best for you.