Aging is something we cannot stop from happening and it greatly influences the way our skin appears. But when it comes to premature aging, there are a lot of factors that can be considered as the root cause of this problem such as sun exposure, high-level stress, diet, etc. While some of the things have no control, whereas there are some of them that can be controlled which further can reduce the appearance as well as chances of premature aging.

As we age, we tend to lose out on our youthful skin which gets replaced by certain signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. And this can be attributed to various environmental as well as lifestyle choices. These two factors together accelerate the aging process which further results in premature aging. While we cannot do anything about natural aging but we definitely can slow down the process of aging and appearance of aging signs for a long time.

We have listed some effective ways that can help you to prevent and reduce the appearance of premature aging. Keep on reading to know about them.

Always apply sunscreen to your skin

Sunscreen is an essential part of a skincare routine, especially during day time. It’s an extremely important step which you cannot miss out on before stepping out of your house in day time. The UVB rays that get reflected from the sun are very dangerous for your skin, if you haven’t applied a protective layer over it then these UV rays can easily penetrate deeper into your skin and damage your skin cells. This further can result in the appearance of visible lines and make you look older than you are. So it’s always wise to apply a nice layer of sunscreen to your skin especially the bare parts as those parts are the easiest way for these rays to penetrate into your skin. And also, another good thing about sunscreen is it acts as a shield that not only prevents and reduces premature aging but also keeps you safe from skin cancer.

Pick a sunscreen that has SPF of 30 or beyond and is water-resistant.

Avoid tanning yourself

We know how much you love having tanned skin, but doing it in a natural way is as harmful to your skin as any other extrinsic element. While soaking in the sun is good for your body but don’t overdo it by sitting under the sun for long hours in order to get that tan. An easy alternative for you is to with a self-tanner as it doesn’t involve any sun exposure, harmful UV rays or other indoor equipment that can affect your skin and make it age prematurely. Anything that emits UV rays is harmful for your skin, so it’s always wise to stay away from them. And if you still insist on taking a sunbath then make sure to apply a nice layer of sunscreen with a minimum 30 SPF every two hours.

Wear sunglasses

Much like other parts of your skin, the delicate skin around your eyes is equally susceptible to getting aged prematurely in the form of wrinkles. While sunscreen protects your other parts of the body but it doesn’t really come handy when your eyes are concerned. However, there is an easy and clever way of protecting your delicate eyes and that is to wear sunglasses. It acts as a shield and doesn’t allow the penetration of harmful UV rays. Also, constant exposure of sun can cause various eye problems such as cataract, partial blindness, etc. So it’s always to be safe than sorry.

Don’t be too harsh on your skin

There’s a way of treating your skin and that is to be extremely gentle with it. Whilst cleansing your face, make sure to do it in a gentle way and don’t be too harsh as it can further irritate your skin and make your skin to age prematurely. Use a mild scrubber and cleanser to remove any kind of impurities, dust, pollution, and dead skin cells.

Moisturize your skin daily

Skin that lacks in moisture can easily start to look very dull and aged. This is when a moisturizer works and provides all the hydration to the skin cells and makes them feel rejuvenated and replenished. It also helps in giving you a youthful appearance and reduces the signs of aging.

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