Eye makeup application tips and tricks every girl with shaky hands should know

Eye makeup application tips and tricks every girl with shaky hands should know

Mastering the art of applying eye makeup not only requires some serious blending skills and creativity but also requires the use of steady hands, which can a huge problem for some people. In order to nail any eye makeup look, it’s crucial to have steady hands while applying makeup, no matter if you are applying eyeliner or eyeshadow. Shaky hands make it almost impossible to sport any kind of eye makeup look, and there are a lot of people that struggle with this issue.

Working with shaky hands can be a huge problem, especially if you are a makeup enthusiast, not to mention, it can be quite disheartening too. Instead of choosing to not wear eye makeup, you should look for ways to fix this problem. Lucky for you, we have got your back in this case. If you always struggle to wear eye makeup because of your shaky hands, we have got some incredible tips and tricks for you that will make it so much easier for you to apply eye makeup.


Always start with your eye makeup

Whether you are keeping your look simple or doing it the glam way, you should always start with your eye makeup first. Since you have shaky hands, you might end up making some mistakes while applying eye makeup, and it will be too much hassle for you to correct those mistakes if you have already done your base makeup. Therefore, to make things easier for yourself, you should always start with eye makeup first and then move on to the base makeup. As far as correcting makeup mistakes is concerned, you can do it using a q-tip dipped in makeup remover.


Invest in grip-friendly products

This one is yet another great tip that you can use when investing in makeup products in the near future. You can control your hand movement and prevent shaking of hands by investing in grip-friendly products. Makeup products with an ergonomic design should always be your first preference. Additionally, when it comes to purchasing makeup products, you should always invest in the ones that have a rubber grip, ridged edges, and thick packaging. Grip-friendly products allow easy and precise application.


Plan and try your eye makeup look beforehand

To ensure a flawless eye makeup look, planning and trying your eye makeup looks beforehand would be a wise thing to do. The more confident you feel about your eye makeup look, the less shaky your hands will get. Aside from planning your look beforehand, you can also consider practicing the look so that you can feel accustomed to recreating it on the day of the event.


Sit in a comfortable position

If you get nervous every time you apply makeup, then the best thing you can do to calm yourself down and feel relaxed is by taking a few deep breaths and sitting in a comfortable position while doing your makeup. While creating your setup, make sure to use a comfortable chair and also place the mirror in the right position and at the right distance. Furthermore, you can place all the products you need to use on the table to make things a lot easier for you.


Apply makeup using the right tools

The choice of makeup tools can also make a huge difference to your eye makeup application. People with shaky hands should always use the right kinds of tools to apply eye makeup; this will allow the easy and smooth application of eye makeup. For instance, eyeshadow brushes with long handles allow easy application of eyeshadow. Additionally, you shouldn’t put too much stress on the tools while holding them, and it will automatically reduce the chances of mistakes.

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