Eye makeup is surely one great way of amping up your look, but with that, it’s equally important to get it done the right way to make sure your eyes look gorgeous and not the other way around. There are so many things you can do with your eyes. Be it creating a dramatic smokey eye look or creating a sexy winged eyeliner; you can literally try every different style as long as you have the right eye makeup brushes with you. Because no matter how good you are at doing eye makeup, if you don’t have the right set of brushes, it will not only make the process a little trickier to do but will also not end up the way it was supposed to look.

With so many eye makeup brushes available in the market, choosing amongst them can become a little intimidating process. And we may tell you; it’s not really necessary to get your hands on every available eye brushes, you just need to have particular eye brushes that are known to work well for the needed purpose. To enlighten you about them, we have listed a few eye makeup brushes that you will need in order to create your favorite eye makeup.

Eye shader brush

One of the most basic and essential makeup brushes to have in your vanity is this eye shader brush. This brush is used to apply the eyeshadow all over your lid. It is designed using densely packed bristles with a semi-circular edge, which further helps in holding on to a good amount of eyeshadow and conforms to the shape of your eyelid. The tapered flat end of the brush allows you to glide the eyeshadow very nicely and evenly on your eyelids. It is considered to be an ideal choice for creamy eyeshadow, but you can also choose to use a powder eyeshadow using this brush. You can easily create a moderate to intense eye base using this brush. The end tip of the brush can also be used to apply the eyeshadow on your lower lash line.

Blending brush

This densely packed brush is an ideal choice for applying cream-based as well as powder-based products on your eyelids. It perfectly blends the product while moving the brush in a sweeping motion over your lids. It can be also be used to create an eyeshadow base as well as to define your crease. In simple words, you certainly can’t do without this one brush owing to the fact that you won’t be able to create a seamless eye makeup without it.

Spoolie brush

You may all not be well aware of the uses of this spoolie brush, but it being on our list confirms the fact this brush is equally important like any other one. It is not only used to comb the hair of your eyebrows but also serves another great purpose and that is to declump your mascara. We all have encountered this situation where our mascara appears all clumped, giving your lashes a fake appearance. This is when this spoolie brush can be used to declump your mascara and give your lashes a very natural appearance. Run the spoolie over your lashes, and you will have those flawless lashes in a go.

Winged eyeliner brush

This is one of the most important brushes to have in your collection. If you are someone who prefers using a gel liner over other eyeliners, then this is the brush for you. It will help you in creating that perfect winged eyeliner you dearly love. besides it being perfect choice for your gel-based products, It can also be used for powdered products. The tightly packed bristles allow you to apply the products with precision.

Smudge brush

The smudge brush is another amazing brush you surely cannot miss out on having in your collection. It helps you in creating your favorite smokey eye effect. It perfectly smudges the eyeshadow and helps in creating a perfect smokey eye look. This brush features short, densely-packed bristles, which allows an easy application near your lash line.

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