Fabulous style tips every woman should know

Fabulous style tips every woman should know

Our lives would have been so much easier if dressing up every day was simpler and convenient. Creating chic and stylish outfits every day is an art that definitely isn’t the easiest to master. It requires some skills that are easy to build based on your taste and preferences when it comes to fashion. No women want their outfits to look boring; however, sometimes the lack of knowledge or experience can pose a problem, but not anymore. Every woman deserves to look their stylish best, and just to make things easier for you, we have got some incredible style tips for you that will enable you to put your best fashion foot forward. The tips in question might seem pretty simple and small, but when implemented correctly, these tiny tweaks can make a huge difference to your everyday looks. No matter if you are heading to your office, brunch, or out for drinks, using these style tips will ensure that you look fashionable and chic every time you step out of the house.

Strike a balance between your top and bottom


A lot of us get inspired looking at the catwalk models that literally pulls off just any kind of look and make everything look effortless, but in reality, we don’t know about behind the scenes like what it took to make the entire ensemble look chic and effortless; in simple words, rocking entirely loose or tight outfits is definitely not easy. One of the keys to creating successful looks is to strike a balance between your top and bottom. For instance, if you are wearing loose and relaxed trousers, it would team up well with a tight fitted top, and when it comes to loose tops, they pair well with skinny bottoms.

Shop according to your body shape

One of the most important things to bear in mind while investing in certain pieces for your wardrobe is to choose those items that will flatter your body type. Shopping according to your body shape will allow you to come up with more flattering outfits, therefore, you should invest in styles that will work for your body shape. In case you are not able to determine which styles would work for you, you can take some idea from pieces that you already own and take a look at the ones that look the most flattering on you; this will give you a slight hint about which silhouette will work for you.

Pick colors that suit your skin tone

We all have had moments when wearing bright colors made us look dull and muted shades brought out the best in us, the reason behind this is your skin tone. When you sport clothing pieces that suit your skin tone, the outfit automatically turns out to be completely flattering and fabulous. Therefore, you should fill your wardrobe with colors that flatter you the most. Colors like white, black, blue, grey are ideal for people with cool complexion, and shades like red, brown, gold, yellow look flattering on people with warm undertones.

Invest in three essential jackets

While LBD and white t-shirt are two of the many wardrobe essentials and are probably owned by every stylish woman, jackets are also an imperative part of women’s wardrobe. You don’t have to have them in every possible style, having them in key styles would be more than enough. A tailored blazer, leather jacket, and denim jacket are three key styles every woman should own. Each jacket has a different purpose to offer, throwing them on the top of your outfit will instantly make the ensemble look more put together.

Accessories are important

Accessorizing your outfits is one of the final touches you should make every time you are getting ready, irrespective of where you are heading. Something as basic as a simple belt can make a huge difference to your look, and that’s the power of accessories. Items like chic shoes, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, etc. will help to add a fashionable finishing touch to your outfits, therefore, it’s imperative to own them in all different designs.

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