Fall trends that are basic yet chic

Fall trends that are basic yet chic

The fall season will officially hit our doors in less than a few days, and honestly, we are as excited for its arrival as you are. The fall season has immense popularity, and that can be attributed to the fact it brings along an assortment of cozy style picks with itself, including sweaters, knit dresses, trench coats, and whatnot. Dressing up during the fall season can be incredibly fun and amazing, given all the number of options to choose from, you are certainly spoilt for choice.
Basics are an essential part of every wardrobe, regardless of the season, and when it comes to the fall season, the amazing options can certainly leave you surprised, and even might make it a bit difficult for you to zero-in on the best ones amongst the whole lot. Of all the fall basics we know of, the ones we have listed below are the best finds. These numbers not only look forward and elevated, but also versatile that can be paired with several different items in your wardrobe. If you are looking to invest in this season’s go-to basics, make sure to scroll below.

Ribbed knit dress

A knit dress is one of the hottest and most amazing finds of this season. It can easily become your go-to outfit, which can be dressed up and dressed down by styling it accordingly. Ribbed material has also been in highlight for quite some time now, and it certainly makes for excellent material during the fall season. And most importantly, these dresses feel a lot more to wear than they look, making it worth your investment. For a chicer look, you can don this dress with a stunning pair of shoes.

Flat boots

There are only a few shoe trends that are both practical and stylish at the same time, and luckily enough, flat boots are here to save our feet from the immense pain that’s caused due to constantly wearing heeled boots. For all those girls who were looking for an alternative to their heeled boots, you have a reason to rejoice. These classic boots (with flat and platform soles) are just the right pair for you that can make walking so much easier and tolerable.

Relaxed tailored

Oversized or slouchy blazer is one trend that continues to rise season after season, and till the time this trend is around, it will remain highlighted as it brings a significant change to your outfit, irrespective of what you’re wearing underneath. These slouchy blazers have a relaxing silhouette, and other than making your outfit look polished in an instant, they also give your ensembles a modern and sophisticated twist. No matter what outfit you’re wearing, just throw one of your slouchy blazers on the top and you’ll be good to go.

Loose jeans

Jeans are a crucial part of the fall wardrobe, and if you are looking to invest in one for yourself, look no further than loose jeans, which is one of the highly trending numbers. The craze for slim jeans is slowly dying, girls are getting more inclined towards looser silhouettes that are more forgiving and also feel very fresh. Straight leg jeans would make for a great start.


The fall season is just incomplete without comfy and cozy cardigans. This cozy number certainly has the potential to make your fall outfits feel whole and complete. You can easily it style in a variety of ways, no matter if you sport it as a top or layering it over your outfit, it would look amazing either way. Apart from offering the cozy feels to your outfit, a cardigan also makes your ensemble look a lot chicer.

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