Fashion disaster: Keep your feet off these Shoes!

Fashion disaster: Keep your feet off these Shoes!

While picking different pairs of shoes for your collection, you need to understand that just because something is trendy, it doesn’t mean it is good for your style and fashion sense. Some of them are a big no-no for your collection because they hurt the eyes. The element of tailoring and design of these shoes is so much over the top that they will turn your look from fab to drab in a jiffy. So, stay put on these shoes and keep your hands off them!

Platform Pumps

There are certain styles in platforms that are elegant and sophisticated and look good for almost all your occasions. They are not as thick and bulky as this one. This pair of platform pumps is one of the most terrible styles in shoes because it is just so huge. The way they have been tailored is really annoying because a lot of attention has bee paid to the front part of these heels. The way two different styles have been combined together that is- platforms and pumps; makes it even worse. There is absolutely nothing that makes this style look elegant and sophisticated. The front is chunky and bulky with too much on the toe are which makes your legs appear shorter and thicker. So, if you have a short height, you should know that these are definitely not made for you.

Knee-high Gladiators

If you really like this kind of style, then you should pick something that is nude in color so that it blends with the color of your skin. You should pick something that is not so noticeable from a distance. The color choice should be apt. The reason why we have added this pair of gladiator sandals on this list is that they are just an improvised version of strappy sandals which are a good pick though. But these knee-high gladiator sandals are just too much. With lace-up straps in a caged style or cutout design, this one is so noticeable from a distance that the entire outfit goes unnoticed. If you want to add this to your collection, pick something that is just till the ankle or below the calf muscles. Something near the ankle and calf will still look minimalistic and chic.

Super High stilettos

If your love for heels has gone this far, you should know that you are creating a fashion disaster. Picking pumps and stilettos are great for a taller appearance but picking them in a super high heel is simply not acceptable. It looks so much over the top that sometimes it becomes a big turn off. The most elegant heel height is below 4 inches or it can be in accordance with your height. Moreover, the level of comfort that you feel in heels also affects the heel height that you are choosing. Work with proportions to make sure that you do not look unreasonable tall because super high heels look really creepy. This is definitely a big fashion faux pas.

Bulky sneakers

Sneakers were, are and will always be one of the most comfortable and loved pieces in footwear. There are so many sneakers in the fashion world and nearly all of them are worth buying. This latest trend of bulky sneakers is something that has changed our minds though. These bulky and ugly sneakers have literally no designing sense in them. It just looks like some mishap has taken place and a whole new piece ha come out of the shoe machine depicting many shapes in one single sneaker. These sneakers have a high platform heel that goes from the toe to the back. They are tailored in different shapes at the front and the back, thus making it look like a really unplanned piece. So, pick mainstream sneakers in different colors if you like or simply go for a minimal platform heel for a chic look. Do not overdo it.

Too much Glitter

Glitter is charming and elegant as long as it is balanced. Adding too much glitter to your clothing can also impact negatively and the same goes for your shoes. This pair of glitter heels and bellies are a big fashion faux pas because it will hurt your eyes. Not all glitter shoes are elegant and thus pair here is proof for that. They look extremely tacky and thus, dull the vibe of your fancy outfit. If you want to overdo the glitter, do it in your accessories or with a blingy jacket. Don’t invest in such a pair of shoes! Just choose your glitter carefully, the color and the design.

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