You might believe that fashion trends that were so alive in the 80s or 90s and were talk of the town at that point of time have no relevance today in the 21st century particularly because change of taste, styling and modernization-whatever you call it. But the truth is that fashion always runs in cycles and the trends that were once in the limelight make their way back into the industry for the better. Present generations get their aesthetic inspiration from the past ones. Although there is no denying the fact that the fashion sense in the 90s was way out of our preferences for obvious reasons. There was no feeling of fashionista back then and you’re glad that today the fashion is much trendier and less blingy. But when we look back at our pictures, there is a sense of resemblance because the trends back then have made their comeback in our lives- flared jeans, chokers, dungarees and what not! This is definitely the next big thing today. So let’s have a look at our pick of pieces that have made their comeback finally!

  1. WIDE LEG/ FLARED PANTS- The millennial are sulking over this one and believe it when we say because this is the thing of the season and we’re so happy about it. Imagine wearing a t-shirt with your regular jeans but with a touch of dramatic flair and there you are, looking at your trendy best! What a good time to be alive. They were so in style in the 80s and 90s in menswear and women wear both because they are so breathable and comfortable. Pick your piece this for the most stylish fashion this season.

  1. CHOKER NECKLACES- chokers were like the ultimate guide to neckpieces at a point of time in our lives because of their comfort and look. How one little string of beads can change your entire look for the day is something that goes beyond our knowledge but it’s true. Everyone that time has worn them and everyone is wearing them right now. Wear them in any form- lace, embellished, pearls; the options are unlimited.

  1. DEAREST DUNGAREES- how convenient is it to wear just one long piece of clothing and not worrying to mix match two articles. Dungarees are the hottest pieces right now and are still on the way to resurrection in the fashion world with a bang! There has been so much improvisation in their look and look even more stylish than before.

  1. DENIM SKIRT- something you can never say no to is denim. Why because they have been existing as the basics of fashion even before we were born. The thought of denim makes us nostalgic. The reason why denim skirts went out of fashion is unknown and so hard to figure out but we’re glad they’re back. How much everyone loves wearing denims and now you get to wear them in skirts as well, what bliss! Just go for it already!

  1. ROUND SUNGLASSES- generally sunglasses are preferred in their regular style and not much improvisation is asked by the people that’s why these were considered really nerdy back then. The look they showcase is way different and was not of much attraction. But today with a change in the sense of style, different shapes sunglasses are considered really cool so this one is a fad right now!

  1. COORDINATED SETS- a convenient style of fashion then and an elegant style now, co-ord sets are today’s monochromes. Try anything from solid fabrics to checkered prints or stripes, everything works. There is a lot of space for mix & match in this genre from neons to different patterns. This is the ultimate guide to your formal wear and semi-formal too.

  1. HIGH WAIST BUTTONED UP JEANS- sounds interesting? We have worn them and outgrown them when low waist fashion came in style. We agree that it might not look best on everyone out there but it definitely is the pick for the season. So effortlessly you look trendy because of the high waist buttons and it also conceals your core area.

  1. SLEEK BACKPACKES- are so back! The bag designers have extended their horizons so much and this one feels like that one trend that is not going back anywhere any sooner. Just a little bag with all your essentials right at the back with a sense of style is something to grab on right now. The contrast is that it’s old school but also so trendy.

  1. ATHLEISURE- or as you say; track pants of the 90s. There is definitely no reason to put these on the back of your shelf. So comfortable, easy breezy and chic style- all in one. The brands have launched so many variants in track pants that you just cannot help but drool over them. The trend is back for the good and not going back for sure.

  1. HOOP EARRINGS- you must have already seen the masses flaunting these ultimate sized hoop earrings and so they’re back. This hoop trend is bigger than ever and why we say this is because there are so many styles and sizes to pick from now. The midi hoop, the slightly bigger coke can and the shoulder grazer as the name suggests, too big! Hoops are a classic in the world of earrings, wear them with just anything and you’re done!

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