Follow these Korean beauty tips to achieve clear and glowing skin

Follow these Korean beauty tips to achieve clear and glowing skin

Korean people are blessed with beautiful skin that feels almost too unreal to have. Perhaps, they are naturally born this way or it’s their lifestyle and the beauty routine that adds to the beauty of their skin. Different culture leads to different beliefs and those beliefs can also result in different beauty rituals. And when it comes to Korean women, they are very particular about their beauty routine. Korean beauty has become worldwide popular in the recent few years and women from all over the world are adapting their techniques to keep their skincare routine active and intriguing.
Korean beauty revolves around clear complexion with a dewy finish and you can also get such skin by following a few Korean beauty rituals that are known to differ in their results.
Yearning to have skin like Koreans? Follow these beauty tips that we have listed below and you will see a significant change in the way your skin feels.

Rice water for a clear complexion

Using rice water as a facial wash is quite common in Asian culture. It is one of those beauty ingredients that is known to be very beneficial for skin as it is a rich source of Vitamin A, E, and C, phenolic compounds, and flavonoids. These components are a vital part of the Korean beauty routine, which helps in achieving flawless skin. Rice water is also known to contain ferulic acid and allantoin, which together helps in maintaining skin functioning and also keeps it looking plump all the time. You can either choose to make rice water at home by yourself or you can purchase rice water-based products that will help in making your skin look smooth and bright.

Snail mucin for dewy skin

Snail mucin is a very popular method among Koreans to get dewy skin. This method may sound a little gross and icky at first, but it is one of the most powerful ingredients in Korean skincare, which can help your skin get dewy complexion single-handedly. This ingredient is incredibly hydrating in nature, which can improve your skin’s texture by pumping extreme hydration to it. Besides hydrating your skin, snail mucin also improves your skin’s barrier protection and increase collagen production.

Apply the toner within 10 seconds

Korean skincare routine can involve a lot of steps and products and they certainly make no mistake with their routine. Their skincare routine can be pretty elaborative and specific and one of the best examples is their 10-second toner rule. According to this rule, you will have to apply the toner within 10 seconds of washing your face to lock in the moisture, which keeps your skin looking plump and hydrated. Pick an alcohol-free toner that can unclog and tighten the pores effectively to achieve clean and smooth skin.

Use skin beneficial face tools

Thanks to the k-beauty experts, we have now been introduced to face tools that can be more beneficial for our skin than any other beauty products alone. A few face tools like jade roller, gua sha boards are an important part of the Korean skincare routine. These tools are incredibly beneficial for skin and benefit it in a number of ways such as reducing puffiness, soothing the skin, allowing the better penetration of skincare products into the skin, and most importantly, they make the entire skincare routine even more relaxing and pleasant. Apart from that, these tools also improve blood circulation in your face and reduce signs of premature aging.

Consume their go-to beauty drink

Barley tea is an important staple for Koreans and this is one thing that they never forget consuming daily. This beauty drink is yet another way for them to treat their skin and it is known to be very hydrating.  It is a caffeine-free tea, which helps in getting rid of toxins from the liver and improving the blood circulation. Therefore, make sure to add this beauty drink to your routine add well, you never know, it may work its magic on you quite impressively.

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