Being overweight or curvy or plus size doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt the latest trends and look stunning. Instead, you should be happy that a whole another line of fashion is curated for you for your style guide. Plenty of stores and brands have been introduced only for plus size bodies and the good news is that they have the trendiest clothing ever! So if you think there are not a lot of options for you, we must tell you that you are mistaken! You can pick any dress you want, any type of shorts, body-hugging apparel, etc. but make sure you know what looks great and what doesn’t. Everyone has the right to flaunt trendy clothing, it just takes a little know-how of the right wardrobe pieces and confidence as a cherry on the cake!

We have listed some tips and tricks to change your game like a pro! Look out for them and slay all the way-

Strike a balance in your clothing

It is important to understand that because of your bulky body, you need to create a very balanced look so that your flaws are not highlighted. A balanced look would mean to pick such wardrobe pieces that not only look good and trendy but also match the flawed areas of your body. You must always go for a neutral and bright combo matched with each other. You can go for a single color block dress so that it looks monochromic. This will give the illusion of a regular body and hide your curves well. A monochrome look makes one look taller. Also, make sure that your clothes are neither too tight nor too loose.

Shapewear is a must!

Not only for bulky women but for petite women as well! Shapewear doesn’t necessarily mean hiding your flaws and body flab. Sure it does justice in that manner but it also accentuates your curves and figure. It turns any regular outfit into something fabulous because the fitting matters a lot. Details can never be understated and that’s why you must keep shapewear ready for every outing. Wear it beneath your dresses, high-waist jeans and skirts, tunics so that you look flawless and defined. It cinches your stomach and ass perfectly and boosts your confidence too!

Prefer high-waist apparel

High-waist clothing has this X-factor to it that it hides your extra midriff area and also makes the body look more defined. It instantly accentuates your curves and makes you look petite than you are. Whenever you are in doubt, just go for high waist clothing in any category. It can be high waist jeans with flare or a high waist skirt in pencil fit, a paper-bag short or anything that you can think of. They elongate your curves and strike a really amazing balance in the body. Go for a minimal top in body fit style with high waist apparel and flatter everyone.

The right size of accessories

Accessories matter a lot and have the ability to change your game-either for the bad or good. You cannot step out of the house without them and that’s why it is important to know the rules that they come with.

  • Your shoes say a lot about your personality. If you have a short height, then never ever go for ankle strap sandals or wedges, They add even more weight to the legs and make you look short and bulky. The colors also matter a lot so a classic nude line will make your legs look longer for sure.

  • On the other hand, the size of your handbag also matters. A medium-sized tote will turn out to be a great option! Never pick a bag that is way over your own body size, it will make you look even bulkier.

Do not wear leggings as trousers

Many of us have the habit of wearing leggings as pants when we step out. Although it is not a bad option for petite women, it is a big no-no for bulky women. They highlight your plus size even more as the shape of your legs can be easily spotted. The material is thin so you can’t do anything about it. Avoid wearing them when you step out in the day and save yourself from embarrassment. Wear them beneath your skirts or shorts in colorful designs if you like. Instead of leggings, get yourself a pair of jeggings. They will flatter better!

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