We all have some clothing pieces stocked in our wardrobes which are either overworn or have lost their charm. Maybe we have some sort of attachment with them or they are too good to be thrown away. Getting rid of them isn’t even considered to be an option. And when it comes to styling them, you may even have run out of options to style them differently. If you are in a spot who is in need to upgrade their wardrobes, this is when your old clothes will come to use. You can easily upgrade them into something you will love again. All you will need is some thread and needle and a whole lot of creativity.

With all the new style rolling in every now and then, your clothes may not serve the purpose and that is when revamping them make for a great way to stay updated with all the trends. There are so many ways to turn any dull or boring piece into something extremely stylish clothing item. It’s just your creativity that you will have to use to transform any piece into something trendy and make it look all new.

We have listed below a few ways you can use to make your old clothes look all new and trendy.

1. Transform a dress into a skirt

We all have one dress lying in our wardrobes which we dearly love. However, when it comes to styling them there aren’t many ways of doing so. Especially the dresses that are a little flowy at the bottom. And when we tell you there is actually a way to be able to wear it again in the form of a skirt, makes it all fun and exciting altogether. All you will need is to get it altered by the tailor, by getting rid of the top of the dress. If the dress already has an elastic band around the waist that’s great and if not then an elastic band can easily be stitched to the inside of the skirt, which will cost you some extra amount.

You can also do this with your maxi dresses to get a maxi skirt out of it, especially if it comes with beautiful patterns and colors.

2. Change the hem of your pants

Jeans can be transformed in several ways. All you will need is a pair of scissors and it can do all the work. Transform it into shorts or into cute frayed jeans, both the styles are quite easy to achieve and looks all chic and trendy when styled with cute tops. You can cut the ends of your jeans up to your ankle and put it in the washer to create frays at the bottom. Or you can cut them up to the length of your shorts, to give yourself a new pair of denim shorts.

3. Shorten the length of your dress

Dealing with a maxi dress that is too long or does not look very appealing now? It’s time to give it a makeover by cutting it short into a midi or mini dress. And trust us when we say it does create a whole lot of difference to the way your dress looks. Changing the length of the hem gives a different feel to the dress. It instantly makes the dress look more fresh and girly with providing you a new style to try.

4. Cut them short into crop tops

Who doesn’t love crop tops? The whole world has gone gaga over them. They look incredibly stylish and hot in every single type and form. From fancy crop tops to tee crop tops, they come in all different forms. The best thing about them is they are quite easy to create. All you will need is a pair of scissors and oversized t-shirts, sweaters or pullovers, whatever you would like to go with. Cut them short to the mid rib cage or whatever length suits you and you are good to go.

5. Changing little details of the outfit

Even changing little detailings of the outfit, creates a whole lot of difference to the way it looks. This is a cheap and easy way to give a makeover to your old outfits and make them look all fresh and new instantly. A few alterations like changing the button, zipper or any other piece can literally give a new life to otherwise outdated pieces like one of your coats. It’s just not so easy to retire them. Adding new buttons, shortening the sleeves or changing the zipper will do the trick.

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