Get a Quick Versatile Everyday Make-Up Look with These Hacks

Get a Quick Versatile Everyday Make-Up Look with These Hacks

Getting ready every day in a quick moment is quite essential especially when you have begun a family. There are tones of things on your plate that you just cannot find the time to devote to self-care. So you go for the quick make-up do’s and try to look good. However, quick looks can be tricky, and sometimes the things that we had in mind before we have begun, just doesn’t happen. Therefore it is important to look good and plan the things in the minimum amount to time that we have got. Let’s share our makeup looks to beautify your beauty.

Smoky eye

After cleansing, apply moisturizer or primer to your face, once you have got the two done. Do your eyebrows. Now, apply a liquid foundation for a quick blend. Working with a creamy foundation is tricky sometimes and they don’t work well on for oily skin. Take a liner pencil stick and apply a dense layer on top of your eye starting thin from inside and make it thicker by the end. Once you have added the thick layer on the top, add a line layer on the waterline and the outside lid as well. Don’t forget to make the two ends meet the front and the back eye. Finally add the lashes if you want and apply black mascara on top, wear a light shade lipstick or just gloss. You can contour if you know it pretty well or just work with the bronzer on the cheek and the headline.

Brownish Roadie

To get this look you can prepare your face by applying moisturizer, primer, and the foundation and setting the brows. Move with a much lighter shade of brow liner all over your eyelid just till the crease line. Now, taking a buffing brush blend the brow liner evenly over the lid, make sure your spread it till the eyebrows. Add on a thin layer on the lower lid and buff it as well. Pat shimmer brown eye shadow in the center. To give the final touch to the eyes wear brown mascara. Now, you have to add a cream contouring to the cheeks blending it upwards over the cheekbone. If you are not impressed by the contouring then take the earlier used foundation brush and blend it over it. This will lighten the contour making it look natural. Apply light lipstick or balm.

Nude Look

The nude look doesn’t need foundation. Therefore you have to go for a plain bare face. If you are not confident then you must go for covering the blemishes with the help of concealer. Prep your face with moisturizers and primers. Afterward use orange-brown shade to cover your eyelids. This is a common shade which you will find in most of the eye shadow palette. Spread a little dark up till the crease and then just blend it till the eyebrows. Apply brown mascara to the lashes. If you want to add fake lashes and stick with the classic black. Apply a little bit of bronzer to the edges to give a nice shape to the face.

Highlighter Magic

We are aware that the nude looks are sort of in trend these days. So to get this look, prepare your face then apply bronzer to the cheekbone and the forehead to make the corners look less sharp. Now, if you have a powder highlighter it can be difficult to work with unless your hand is steady with it. Apply the highlighting curve the way you usually do on the eye and the cheekbone. Blend the highlighter properly on the cheekbone and the eye area. Give a final touch up with concealer. You can apply highlighter on the nose tip and the chin as well. Wear a coffee smudge prove lipstick and you will look fabulous. If you like red then that could be done as well.

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