Get a salon-like facial at home in 6 easy steps

Get a salon-like facial at home in 6 easy steps

Facials are one of the best ways to make your skin look healthy and glowing in an instant. Additionally, facials are pretty relaxing and rejuvenating, which is a huge plus. Factors like dirt, pollution, environmental aggressors can make your skin look dull over time, and this is where facials come into the picture. Getting a facial can work absolute wonders for your skin, and the best part about this method is you can either get it done at your favorite salon, or you can just do it at home by yourself if you don’t feel like visiting the salon for whatever reason.
The key to achieving salon-worthy results at home is using quality products and following the correct order. When you follow each and every step in the correct manner, you are bound to receive salon-worthy results. We have created an elaborative guide for you that explains all the steps you need to follow to give yourself a salon-like facial at home.

Step 1- Cleanse

No matter if you are following a skincare routine or starting with a facial, cleansing should always be the first step. The cleanser helps to remove all the dirt, deep-set impurities, and excess oil from the pores. Also, make sure to invest in a cleanser that is specifically formulated for your skin type and not just any random cleanser.

Step 2- Scrub

Scrubbing is essential to maintain the health of your skin. It helps to exfoliate your skin, which further removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it smooth and healthy. Additionally, skin exfoliation is known to improve blood circulation that gives your skin a healthy glow. Also, make sure to use a mild scrub to exfoliate your skin, and you shouldn’t over-exfoliate your skin as it can leave your skin dry and irritated.

Step 3- Moisturize your face with a nourishing cream

As soon as you are done exfoliating your skin, take a nourishing cream and apply it all over your face to lock in the moisture and keep your skin from feeling dry. You can use any nourishing cream; just make sure that it is specifically made for your skin type.

Step 4- Massage your face with a moisturizing cream

Massage is a crucial step in facials; it helps to boost blood circulation in the skin, which is the reason why your skin glows after getting a facial or just a regular massage. Take a massage cream and apply it all over your face, instead of letting the product absorb into the skin on its own, massage it onto the skin for about 4-5 minutes. And when you are massaging your face, make sure to do it in an upward and circular motion.

Step 5- Apply a mask

After you are done massaging your face, the next step is to apply a mask, which is one of the most relaxing steps in this entire procedure. In addition to drawing impurities from your skin, it helps to get rid of excess oil, leaving your skin soft and supple. You can apply the mask using your fingers or a clean brush, wash it off after letting it dry for a couple of minutes, and it will make your skin look radiant and clear.

Step 6- Use a brightening cream

The last and final step in this procedure is to apply a brightening cream to your face. In addition to helping you maintain the moisture and glow in your skin, it helps to minimize the appearance of dark spots on your skin and makes it look brighter.
This is how you get a salon-like facial at home.

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