A great way to highlight your face is to do amazing eye makeup. Believe it or not, eyes have a magical impact on the people around you and have the ability to cast a magnetic effect too. Many of us pay attention to other makeup essentials and techniques like applying the perfect base, smudge-proof lipsticks, highlighter, curling the hair, etc. But little does everyone understand that eye makeup is also an unavoidable makeup technique. It can do wonders to change your look. And in a jiffy, you’ll feel like your face looks like something else. The precision of eyeliner, the smokey eyes, the glitter-everything looks so dramatic and beautiful! Celebrities and experts recommend doing your eye makeup first and then moving on to the face. Numerous eye makeup styles have evolved and some of them are listed below that you can practice for your next outing.

These will surely leave you in excitement and you would want to try them right away. Get your hands on them now!

Rose Gold eye makeup

Rose gold is the new ‘in’ of the generation. You will find this color tone in nearly every accessory and we have no questions about it. This is because it is just so pretty and elegant that you will want to stare at it for a long time. Gold is something we all love and Rose gold is something you will adore. This is like a diffused version of gold with a hint of pink. The color is so subtle and bliss to the eyes. You can easily pull off this look for a night outing or a formal cocktail party. It looks very dramatic at night because of the gold glitter feature. Pick a regular pink eyeshadow and dab it evenly on the gold glitter to get the perfect rose gold eyes.

Intense smokey eyes

Smokey eyes have always been a never-ending love for all of us maybe because of the badass look they showcase. Deep black eye makeup has always been related to intensity and over-dramaticism. It gives the vibe of being a bold and fierce woman that you are. This is one of our top picks when it comes to eye makeup. You can pull this off by applying a deep dark line of kohl on your eyelids and on the waterline. Then take an eye brush and smudge till it softly till it fades away a little. This rock chic look will grab attention on every occasion. It looks great for night parties with your sequin dresses and for the day, go for minimal dressing and intense smokey eyes. That’s the catch!

Arabic eye makeup

If you love to play with colors, Arabic eye makeup is your thing. This is one sort of eye makeup that not only transforms your look but also gives a very vibrant feel to the face. The use of multiple colors that are in contrast with each other defines the perfect Arabic makeup. There are a lot of color options in this makeup technique. What you need to do is apply an open-end eyeliner first. Then go for a dash of colors like pink and purple, lemon and olive, blue and red maybe? This is totally at your discreet. The point is to create a dramatic smokey look with the help of multiple colors and surprise the world!

Electric Glitter eye makeup

Glitter is gorgeous, for all we know! You can never go wrong with it and this eye makeup is proof of that. Glitter eye makeup is great for all those events where you want to add a dash of shine to your personality. It looks great at night with dark-colored outfits because it creates a beautiful contrast. This detailing in the look is great for dramatic events like cocktail nights, disc parties, concerts, etc. A little sparkle goes a long way so don’t shy away from it. Pick any neutral shade like brown or gold for your eyelids and then, add the glitter on top. This will end up in gorgeous eye makeup as it is very easy to pull off.

Bright Summer eyes

Who said eye makeup is for the nights alone? You can pull this off even during the day when it is a bright sunny summer outing. All you need is to be careful with the choice of colors. Although summers call for a vibrant look; the catch is that if you’re going bright with the apparel, then avoid doing the same with your eyes. On the other hand, a plain white or black tee can pull off any bright eye makeup like yellow, electric blue, hot pink, etc. Just the thought of it makes us excited! Give it a shot and we promise, you are about to set a trend!

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