Speaking of hats, they are not as essential article of clothing that they once used to be. Though they are still worn by women and men in majority but not everyone has the craze and passion for buying hats. You will never hear someone say they’re going for hat shopping. But hats give a very vogue look when worn the right way. If you’re new to the hat game, it will be quite an overwhelming experience for you to look at all the hats and figure out what suits best to your personality and style. While some hats are extremely occasional, some are traditional and some can actually add on to style. There are some pretty common hats around the globe that majority of us would find easy to carry without feeling shy.


What a classic piece! Berets have originated from France and Spain but were used in military uniform only before they gained their share of popularity. Usually made of cotton or wool, they fit perfectly with formal dresses, pencil skirts and pantsuits. Everything retro is making a comeback. These sit flat on your head and have no rim looking incredibly stylish. The centre part pops out a little so you can wear it on either side of the head. If you wear it on one side of the head, it looks extremely elegant paired with long beaded earrings and cat-eye sunglasses.


The ‘go big or go home’ suits best for this particular hat. These are so big in size to protect you from the heat that’s why the name! Also called lifeguard hats, these are usually made of straw or some other plant fibre and are very lightweight. This is one of the most used hats when going to the beach and women actually don’t leave for a beach vacation without these. On a hot summer day, wear these with bikinis, swimsuits, bodysuits, flowing dresses and with just anything you pack for the trip. Pull off an effortless look.


Not really a hat but it is one of the most seen hats in everyday staple and used by both men and women. It was especially designed to give a sporty look to your personality while protecting from the scorching heat. There are many variants available in this category; numerous designs and colours to match with. One of the most sought-after headgears is a baseball cap and looks best with casual outfits like jeans and a tee with boots or sneakers.


Floppy hats are similar to the sun hats but a little smaller in size and with wavy rim. They are a big part of the hippie culture because of their look. Showing off loose curls with this hat is the trendiest you can be. This detailing of wavy floppy rim on the hat makes it look ever stylish and a definite pick for the closet. Wear these with playsuits, floral dresses or anything you want. These are classic and go with everything. A small bucket bag in the hand will make it as perfect as it can be.


What a fancy name for a hat! Cloche hats were popular in the 19th century because of a traditional design of long narrow style but smaller brim. They were worn in solid colours earlier but now designers have improvised the look adding buttons and flowers on it for a more feminine look. Wear these with a leather jacket for dressing casually or with a bodycon dress for a more formal look. They sit low on your head just covering the entire head and ears partially.

While hats have been timeless in nature, the preference has definitely when back and forth. Right now we see a lot of women adding this as an accessory to the closet. Can’t say about tomorrow so let’s go with the trend!

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