Head-To-Toe Grooming Checklist Before You Head For Summer Vacay

Head-To-Toe Grooming Checklist Before You Head For Summer Vacay

The summer season is around the corner! And we all know how much fun and excitement the season brings. No summer season is complete without heading for a vacation, right? So, if you’re heading for a vacation any time soon the feed is a real help!
After packing, booking, and planning comes a very important thing that we often neglect and i.e. pre-vacation head-to-toe grooming. You want to look your best, don’t you? And of course, you’ll click pictures hence here is a checklist of what things you should do as grooming before commencing a sojourn.
All this will help to keep your face, hair, and body ready for some public exposure. So, make sure you book your appointment with a salon and do these 5 things before boarding.

Full Body Wax

The foremost thing you have to do before heading on a trip is to get your full body waxed. Since, you’ll be wearing shorts, bikinis, and dresses you need to remove your body hair. It gives confidence when you have all the unwanted hair removed off your body and you feel you’re all set for some public exposure.
So, make sure you add this to your checklist on the top.


Summer is all about sandals and flip-flops and surely you’ll wear these on your vacay so pay attention to your feet. Also, if you are heading for a beach vacay you ought to pay attention to your feet.
So make sure you add a pedicure to your list. A pedicure will trim your cuticles, remove dead skin, treat your damaged feet, and will hydrate your cracked heels. Before you head to a vacay make sure you have pedicured and freshly groomed feet so that you feel a lot more confident.


Another important thing that you just can’t skip is your hands. So, by the time we’re sure you know you have to add to your checklist- of course, a manicure! The majority of us love to flaunt our hands while speaking thus beautiful hands will look utterly flattering.
You can also opt for nail extensions or nail arts to just enhance the beauty of your hands. If you have big nails you can even go for gel nails. There are various options to choose from.

Eyebrows and Upper Lips

Another important thing you must do before a trip is to get your eyebrows trimmed and growth on the upper lips removed. Nicely trimmed eyebrows not only make you look neat but also enhance the features of your face. Trimmed eyebrows add a flow to your face and even augment your makeup look, so you have a perfect makeup through the vacation. You will see that you feel a lot more confident with nicely trimmed and groomed eyebrows.
If you have a growth in the upper lip area we would recommend you to get it trimmed before a trip. Growth on the upper lips doesn’t look appealing and hence you should get it removed.
Make sure you get your eyebrows and upper lips trimmed a day before the trip so that you do not see any growth throughout the vacay.

Face Cleansing

Last but not least comes face cleansing. For that naturally glowing and fresh face, you must add face cleansing to the list. Not only face cleansing will remove the dead skin but also help in removing the blackheads and whiteheads giving an appearance of fresh and clear skin.
Don’t you want the perfect selfies? So, make sure you add this to your list. And, just a reminder don’t forget your hair so just add a hair spa.

We have included the most essential things you should do before a trip but if you feel to add a few more things you’re free to do.

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