High School Essentials Necessity Kit

High School Essentials Necessity Kit

Going to a high school has its own set of tasks. I mean you need to manage everything ranging from classes, attendance, looks, outfits, etc. and on top of that those hormonal changes. I mean one is already going through a lot why do we need more. It’s actually an overwhelming situation for some students. It’s that time in life when you are trying to understand the ways of society and learning methods to cope up with it. I get it how of pressure we all face during our this time, however, we can ease up your pain a little by stating some of the kit essentials you need to carry along.



You know how important it is to keep these in the bags for a grown woman, most of the time we are so occupied with the chores that we really forget to keep a check of our cycle. During this age, we tend to get some irregular periods due to school stress and the diet we consume. Believe it we tend to consume more junk in school than at home. Thus, keep a check of this is necessary. You need to take a small paper bag and keep some tampons in it fold it properly secure it into your bag. Keeping an extra pair of underwear is also beneficial as you never know when you can get the flow. Besides there are panty liners, if you feel you are going to get your periods then wearing them and changing these in 1-2 hours is required.


Little organizer

There are various medicinal organizers you find online if you are going through any medication that keeping this will be beneficial. Otherwise, someone like me gets a headache, like to keep some headache medicine handy. You can find an organizer where you can not only place your medicine and tampons along. These are so elegant mini boxes and you won’t even bother if someone is searching your bag for notes.


Hair-tie and Q-tips

If you are someone who goes regularly to a physical workout class then these are dam necessary. While working out you don’t want your hair to fall on your face all the time, thus having a bunch of hair-tie will be of utmost need. Besides you can always carry some bobby pins as when during the class your hair is coming in your way then, slide in this bobby pin and you are good to go. Other than that every girl has a habit of giving her make-up a little touch-up. Thus, if you somehow feel it’s too much and you need less than the Q-tips will come to your rescue. These can be used from both side, you just need to wet them and move it over the extra make-up.


Powder and brush

Keeping a small brush that you can use to give your makeup a fresh look is a much-needed process for oily skin. Thus, if you have oily skin then, freshen your make-up is required frequently. Take a translucent makes powder this needs to be loose not at all creamy. Spread it with a brush on your cheeks and your t-zone, you are good to head out for the next class. Make sure you keep a small stick brush so that you can just carry it in a kit without anyone noticing what you have stored in the bag.


Lip balm or gloss

Carrying a lip blame and a gloss will keep your lips hydrated for long. It’s important to take care of your skin and study at the same time. Thus, you don’t only have to carry your folder and spirals you need to carry lip balm and gloss. You cannot carry a lipstick as that wouldn’t be a girly thing to do. Take a good gloss that would stick to your lips for long or you can just take a tinted lip balm to give a little color to the lips.

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