How we all have a fantastic weekend every time and bang! It’s Monday again- The best and the worst thing to talk about. Worst because we’ve got hangover to recover and best because alongside all the blues, we use the extra hour to try and dress in fancy work outfits. Gone are the days when wearing fancy clothing to office wasn’t even a thing. We would just pick bottoms with a shirt or tee and run off to work. But with times changing, we’ve come to realize that dressing up doesn’t always require a reason and passion for fashion is an everlasting emotion, no matter wherever you go. It’s our love for all sartorial things that has taught us a valuable lesson that happiness is a state of mind and so, this blissful crap of dressing from Monday to Friday cannot be as bad as we think of it.

If you find yourself running late buried in clothes and searching through piles to bring out the fashion monster in you, just take a deep breath and let’s put our creative mind to work. Just remember to learn and understand that dressing boring at work is not cool and there’s definitely a thin line between sloppy and casual. Read on for work outfits to get you going from Monday to Fridays.


Something that can be figured out from its name- probably the most common and easiest way to dress for office without taking long. This one is perfect for all jobs and is most likely to get you out of that ‘boring dressing’ phase. The opposite of boring doesn’t account to blingy or over dressed. It’s something that you can carry so well to bring out your personality in a presentable manner. Just wear a regular pair of pants in solid color with a tee, cardigan, co-ord set or a shirt with minimal makeup and you’re done. It’s about carrying your simple clothes with a touch of style. With this classic look, the trick is to always wear a statement piece like jewelry, watch, bold lip color or manicured nails. It’s all in the details. 😉


Showing you don’t care and still looking dressy enough to turn heads around is all about this look. For all those girls who have got slightly more fondness for fashion than others but still want to look like they don’t give a crap, this one is your pick. Looking street style worthy at office is the new thing. Talking of work, we jump onto formals but that’s not necessarily the case. The tip here is to grab a pair of hem cut skirt, pastel colored pants, wide leg jeans, plus sized tunic with a belt maybe? Basically just playing with shapes and colors thus showcasing a mix of both masculine and feminine looks. Wear brogues or oxford heels to add fun to the outfit.


Casual and business do go together, yes you read that right. Basically translating jeans to office wear is what we’re asking you to do. The tip here is to pair your casual clothing with pumps and stilettos for a very smart chic style and carrying a nice quilted bag or professional bag. Playing with accessories is the key when you want to transform any casual attire into formal wear. Business looks are always formal but we have seen our favorite icons dress in blue denims with a white tee, dang of earrings and heels to complete the outfit and boy! Do they look sassy or not? You definitely don’t want to miss trying out this one.


Yes that’s something you can be at office. Surprised? For all those sexy women who want to run the world and love adding that glam factor to the outfit, this is meant for you. Now you can go to office and be fab with bright hues on your body. Wear sky high scarpin heels, put a bold lip color wear multiple necklines and you’re ready to go from 9 am to late dinner cocktails. The tip here is to snooze a strong perfume, wear rich colors in silk blouse, pencil skirts and statement gold jewelry. We know you won’t be afraid to flaunt it at all.


You can figure out from the name that this one is for the ones into creativity. And by this we mean adding a touch of their work to their look. For all those involved in creative jobs like writing, graphics, designing or interiors want to look different than the rest and thus, this one is most appropriate for them who don’t have a strict work environment. Dressing in baggy shirts, floral dresses, shorts with tennis sneakers or strappy sandals is the key here. The tip is to mix and match simple pieces for a great outfit and get away with it.

Consider this your office wear inspiration for the year!

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