How to add an edgy look to your regular denim?

How to add an edgy look to your regular denim?

Denim is an ultimate wardrobe staple for all the women out there. If you ask each one of them what they feel the most comfortable in, they would blindly pinpoint denim and there are thousands of reasons for it. They are super comfortable and keep you at ease all day, they are stylish and are too versatile, they can literally be paired with any kind of apparel and also, they last forever on our closet shelf. This wardrobe staple is literally worn every day, so while you are at it, why not spice things up a little? To your regular denim, you can add this factor of oomph and make it look extravagant in no time. Whether it is your boyfriend jeans, mom jeans or skinny jeans, you must jazz them up a little and make them look unique. Here’s how-

With Embroidery

Gone are the days when embroidery was considered traditional and was used only in traditional clothing. It was a thing of elegance back then but now it is also an element of chic style. Yes, this element of embroidery just cannot be shunned away when it is about looking cool and jazz. Any kind of embroidery on your jeans looks super cool and has literally become one of the most loved styles. It has taken over the denim apparel and is definitely changing the trend. If you want to do it yourself then that is also a great idea. Otherwise, there are a lot of styles available in the fashion stores that have gorgeous embroidery on them. Have it picked on one side and not on the entire denim.

Frayed Fringe Jeans

Another cool chic denim in the entire range, this one is definitely one of the most loved apparel because of its unique designing. If you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, then you must pick this frayed hem jeans for yourself. These frayed hem jeans with fringe are the most unique denim because they cast a style statement that is absolutely matchless. This frayed fringe denim has pieces of denim strands hanging at the brim like they have been cut in multiple numbers. This way these fringes add to the overall look and make you look chic and stylish. Pair them for both your summer and winter outfits for any casual outing. But these are not meant for the office, so make sure you don’t create a blunder.

With Cool Patches

You already know how cool denim looks with different kinds of embroidery as well as patches. Both these features have the power to upgrade the look of your denim in no time and make it look extravagant. If you are willing to add a cool vibe to your look, this patchwork is a must! Out of all the things ever done, adding cool and blingy patchwork to your jeans is the best. You can do it yourself at home. All you have to do is pick different patches with colors and quotes that can grab your attention from a distance. This patchwork must be sewn on any side of the jeans or on the back pockets for the ultimate style. Having a patch on your jeans gives a quirky look to them in a jiffy.

Ruffled Hem

Ruffles are a popular style when it comes to tops and blouses. They have the potential to add elegance to any of your blouses and immediately adds to the overall vibe. This ruffled hem in jeans is the new thing and has won hearts. It has literally made every outing and outfits more worthy and fashionable. These ruffled jeans are also easily available in all the fashion stores and can also be done at home. You just have to take a patch of jeans fabric and sew it in such a way that ruffles are created. These ruffles are simply a set of gathers and can upgrade any look just like that! A pair with a ruffled hem will be your answer whenever you would want to pull off a fancy silhouette.

Embellished Jeans

This one is not even news because it is something everyone already loves and flaunts. As the name suggests, embellished jeans are something that has anything blingy and shiny on their fabric. It can be anything from rhinestones, beads, patches, sparkly features as well as fancy bulky buttons. This look is created to grab attention and create that edgy outfit. The art of placing these embellishments is what counts so make sure that you do not overdo it. A touch of shimmer to the jeans will be the best thing you can have on your jeans. Place it on your pockets or sew it near the hem- your call!

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