How To Avoid Fungal Infections During The Rainy Season

How To Avoid Fungal Infections During The Rainy Season

Monsoon is the season that brings along with it a bunch of skin ailments and infections. During the monsoon season, your body becomes more prone to fungal infections and some of these fungal infections can be life-threatening.
The drizzling charm of monsoon brings a menace for your skin and protecting your skin from such dangers is really important. The majority of us suffer from fungal infections during the monsoon season. The wet and increased humidity makes our body prone to many fungal infections, thus following certain safety measures is a must.
In the feed, we have gathered for you some effective ways that will help you in preventing the various fungal infections. If you want to know the ways, keep on reading!

Mix Antiseptic Liquid In Bathing Water

During the monsoon season, one thing you have to keep in your bathroom shelves is an antiseptic liquid. The monsoon season brings fungal infection with it as you get drenched in the rainwater and rainwater is not something healthy for your skin.
Mixing a few drops of antiseptic liquid such as Dettol helps in killing all the bacteria that could lead to fungal infection.
Thus, make sure whenever you take bath, mix a few drops of antiseptic liquid to the water. Also, use an antiseptic liquid that is gentle on your skin.

Take Bath More Than Once

If you’re drenched in the rain make sure you take a bath quicker. Rainwater is not healthy for your skin thus taking the bath as early as possible will reduce the chances of fungal infection.
Even if you’re not drenched make sure you take bath at least twice a day. Fungal infection prevails when your body is not properly cleaned and if you’re taking bath twice a day you’re ensuring a good hygienic practice avoiding any fungal infection.
Don’t forget to mix an antiseptic liquid each time you take a bath.

Don’t Share Your Towel

One of the best hygienic practices you can follow not only during the monsoon but the rest of your life is not to share your towel with anyone else.
Towels are the breeding ground for various infections and when you share it with someone else or you’re using someone’s towel you are increasing the spread of the infection.
To avoid the spread of fungal infection make sure you do not share your towel or use anyone’s towel.
Also, make sure you’re not sharing your soaps with anyone else as soaps can also spread the infection.

Maintain Proper Hygiene


The best way to avoid fungal infection is to maintain proper hygiene. And, to maintain proper hygiene follow these steps.
• Always clean your foot while taking a bath.
• Towel dry your body parts such as in between the toe fingers and hand fingers and your underarms.
• Take a bath twice a day.
• Use lukewarm water and not hot water to take a bath.
• Prune your nails.
• Head for regular manicure and pedicure.
• Sprinkle some powder in your body folds.
• Not to share your personal stuff with anyone else.
• Keep a separate towel for your face and body.

Stay Away From Dirty Water

The lodged rainwater is the dirtiest water and is crammed with bacteria that can lead to many fungal infections and skin ailments. Make sure you avoid stepping in the dirty water and always wash your feet after returning home during rainfall.

So, these were a few tips that will help you in preventing the fungal infection during the monsoon season so that you enjoy the monsoon season amazingly well. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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