Going out all dressed up involves a lot of thinking and the primary reason for this is that each one of us wants to look classy and sexy. No matter how much you deny that you do not care about dressing the perfect way, this thing is imperative. Everyone wants to appear all elegant and classy in the public and for that, you need unique outfits. So, instead of adding a lot of voluminous clothes to your wardrobe, try pairing the existing ones together. Pick a mix match of different outfits and curate the perfect silhouette for yourself. Read on and follow these tricks for the perfect outfit!

Play with proportions

Pairing a regular pair of jeans with a t-shirt is a mainstream outfit. It looks good for your casual outings as well as lunch and brunch scenes. But who said you should not upgrade that look with some interesting pieces? It is always a great thing to add some tits bits here and there or play with proportions so that some unique element is spotted in the outfit. You should try and add some accessories to your regular outfit in order to create an interesting silhouette. The other thing that you can do is pick high waist jeans and pair it with a geometric crop top or pair a longline cardigan with your skinny jeans. This kind of imbalanced proportions makes the outfit look unique and thus, makes everything look more eye-catching.

Pick hair accessories

Whenever we talk about accessories, the last thing we mention is hair accessories because they have been underestimated for their potential. The fact is that just like other accessories, hair accessories also have the ability to amp your look. Hats, hairbands with embellished work, headscarves, turbans, etc all count in hair accessories. There are so many pretty hats that you can wear for your outings but hats are not meant for every occasion. Instead of picking that, go for a fancy headscarf in prints or patterns that will add dimension to your look. If you have picked a regular outfit with minimal work, then go for a fancy and embellished headscarf to elevate your look to another level. This one will definitely be one of the best things you add to your attire.

Go for classy monochromes

Monochromes have been considered classy for a lot of reasons. Picking a single color outfit is always a great choice and you can do a lot with it. There are so many speculations about pairing the same color outfits together but the truth is that they look damn classy. No matter where you go, this outfit will impress everyone. Monochromes are timeless and so, you must pick this outfit to create an interesting silhouette. Go for bold or quirky accessories. Pick link necklaces or colorful and beaded necklines; you can also pick charm bracelets or add hair accessories. Since you don’t have to match any colors with the outfit, you can pick anything playful. This look will definitely be one of the classiest ones ever. Pair your formal shoes or pumps along and be ready to conquer the world!

Layering is the key

Wearing a single pair of upper and bottoms is great but adding layers is extravagant. If you are looking for something that adds a chic vibe to your outfit, then go for layers. These layers can be anything from accessories to apparel. Depending on what season you are talking about, you can pair a lot of layers together. Pick fancy stoles and scarves over your regular blouses and T-shirts. You can also pick jackets or shrugs for fall layering. When you use this trick, it makes you look elegant and classy. This one is an effortless style and has the potential to amp your look in no time. Pair the right pair of shoes and heels according to the occasion and give your layering a partner!

Create a division with a belt

This is one of the most convenient ways to create an interesting silhouette. There is a thing with belts that no matter where you place them, they will change the look of your outfit completely. There are so many options in belts like sleek, buckled, tasseled, etc. and you can pick all of them for different outfits. They help in creating a division in the outfit and also highlight your waistline. When this part of your body is highlighted, it gives a very sexy look. Also, belts have the ability to accentuate your curves and give definition to the important areas. Look for a statement belt and this will become your game changer for sure!

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