One of the major problems that all women face is visible signs of aging and this results in wrinkles and fine lines. Nothing can stop us from aging with time but with the right skin routine, we can slow down the process and look younger than we actually are. These tips might help you to reduce your wrinkles and fine lines and make you feel much more happy and conscious about your skin. Read on and inculcate these habits in your routine!

Avoid too much sun exposure

All of us know how sun rays can harm our delicate skin and yet we do nothing to protect it from the rays. This is the worst thing you can do to your skin because once the damage is done, it is hard to undo it. There are a lot of habits than you must inculcate in life that will help you deal with skin problems. And you never know they might help you to avoid those problems in the first place too. If you go out in the sun too much, this is not the best thing to do. Make sure you use sunscreen regularly to avoid the harmful rays. Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 to 50 and re-apply it after a few hours. Do not skip your sunscreen even on cloudy days because there are dust particles waiting to get into your skin just like that. You can also wear wide brim hats or carry an umbrella along. Take your sunglasses along too.

Massage with Olive oil

Another important thing to do if you are talking about skin issues is the use of olive oil in your routine. There are so many benefits of olive oil and you will be delighted to use it every day. Go for a nice carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil and massage with it daily at night. With this religious habit, you will be able to achieve those flawless skin goals and reduce those wrinkles in no time. This is actually a natural home remedy for skin tightening and is also a great thing to do for overall flawless skin. Use a few drops of oil at night every day and massage in circular motions before bedtime every day. You are going to wake up with soft and supple skin.

Use Aloe Vera as a primer

Aloe vera is rich in a lot of things and has the potential to add life to your dull skin. If you can spot visible signs of aging and a lot of wrinkles on your face, then this is high time to start using this one as a primer. A primer is anyway the best way to protect your skin from the most obvious skin issues. Go for an aloe vera gel as a primer so that makeup does not get into your skin. This is because of the fact that with regular application of makeup, fine lines and wrinkles gain a lot more visibility. Makeup settles into fine lines and thus, makes them even more prominent. To reduce these wrinkles, you need to use a primer first so that makeup does not get into your skin directly. You can also use aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil for a dewy effect.

Consume Lemon balm leaf tea

This is one of the best ways to fight wrinkles naturally because all you have to do is try this amazing tea at home. It is highly recommended to have a good intake of fruits and vegetables along with a lot of hydration. This is because, with so many health benefits, it is important to add them to your routine. This Lemon balm leaf tea is proved to be self-sufficient for fighting your wrinkles and fine lines. There is nothing that can stop you from aging but there are certain things that can limit those signs of aging. Thus, this is one of them. This leaf tea has such amazing extracts that make the skin more elastic and tight. This is also great in repairing the tissue damage done to your skin. Try consuming it regularly and wait for results!

Switch your sleeping position

This is another proven fact that your sleeping position actually affects the breeding of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. This is because of the fact that our skin comes in direct contact with the sheet and pillows. This causes a lot of skin compression and thus, makes it even more delicate and prone to skin issues. If you sleep with your face all buried in the sheets, it is bound to make your skin more vulnerable. You can prevent this compression by sleeping on your back and thus, avoiding any kind of direct contact. Switch your sleeping position right away and see the results yourself!

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