Just like your wardrobe your makeup also needs to be transitioned for the fall season. Every season calls for new clothes so why not new makeup that screams of the current vibe. It serves as a great way to accentuate your features and make you fall-ready like a pro. All you will need is the right makeup products and the beautiful fall colors to create a look.

Fall season includes very earthy to darker rich tones like red, brown, burgundy and many more. Using these colors with makeup, you can easily achieve the look that can go perfectly with your thick and cozy outfits.

To give you some idea on how to do your makeup during fall, we have formed a list of some easy ways to incorporate fall vibe to your makeup look.

Replace your summer foundation with fall foundation

Applying the same foundation as that of your summer season is not a great way of doing your makeup. During fall our skin tends to get a little lighter in tone. So applying a summer foundation that was suitable for your skin tone with all the summer tan is not really a great choice, as it can easily make you look darker. Also, the formulation of the foundation greatly varies, so opt for a complexion-perfecting foundation that feels like skin and provides the right amount of moisture to the skin. Or an easy alternative is to use moisturizing primers, a sunscreen and BB cream and you are good to go.

Go either bold or nude with your lipstick

A lipstick solely can entirely change the way you look. It serves as a great makeup product. This fall invest in some darker and rich tone shades like deep red, maroons, burgundy and browns. These shades look extremely beautiful especially on pale skin, as it brings out the best in them. With such bold lips, you don’t need to go darker with your eye shadow as it can overpower the look. Keep it all neutral and let your lips do all the talking. But you can definitely apply some mascara and eyeliner to define your eyes.

When keeping your eye shadow dark, make sure to balance out the look by opting for a nude lipstick.

Keep your pinks and other shades aside for next summer.

Add some glow to your cheeks with a blush

Skin that looks all fresh and glowy makes for a great fall look. Adding a hint of rosy pink blush to your cheeks is going to give you a feel of those winter days when your cheeks get all flushed with the cold air. It looks very natural and instantly adds freshness to the face. So instead of opting for bronzers go pink with rosy blush.

Use browns and copper for eye shadow

Any look doesn’t feel complete without adding a hint of eye shadow to the lid of your eyes. They add more depth to the eyes and make them look more defined. For fall opt for color palette that comes with brown, taupe, black, grey and cream eye shadows. You can easily create smokey eyes out of these colors which looks incredibly stunning. To add more definition to the look apply an eye shadow with a gold or copper shimmer to it.

Get a little inspired from all the fall colors like those falling yellow and red leaves and experiment a little with your eye look. Use shades of orange and red to create a look and make sure to apply them to your lower lash line as well to make everything look even. Finish off the look by applying a coat of mascara or false lashes to your eyes.

Darken up your eyebrows

One of the many ways to accentuate your eyes is to work on them eyebrows. They can easily grab all the attention if done the right way. Go a little thick and darker with your eyebrows this fall. All you will need is the eyebrow pencil, gel, powder or whatever you use. And fill in the areas where your hair is a little sparse and light.

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