50 degrees-sounds unbearable, doesn’t it? It feels like the sun is thrashing all of us and we’re going to melt under the glare. It’s just so hard to go outside all dressed up because the makeup keeps on melting with the sweat and let’s not get into how our outfits sweat like crazy. But despite all this, we want to look fashionable and put together for the love of god? No! Fashion 😉 To make it simple and wearable for you, we are here with some tips and tricks to feel the heat a little less and glamorous a little more. For the perfect hot weather outfit, always try picking loose clothing first thing and secondly, light fabrics and colours that will keep you cool as well as stylish. And of course, any accessory on top will do its charm!


Why because it’s just too hot to pick black! When you’re picking an outfit for a super hot day, always go for light colours and every stylish pastels. Colours such as beige, white, grey and all kinds of nudes will absorb the heat of the sun much lesser than darker colours. All these colours are on the lighter side of the spectrum and help you feel a little less hot; if not completely cool, in the extremely hot weather. Avoid going for jewel tones like purple or blue hues and gold/silver as they look nice but are definitely not breathable.


For a very hot weather when breathing and getting ready actually sucks to the core, you want to dress in something that is comfortable and does not stick the sweat to your body. Now we all work out some or the other way and sweat in them so there is this comfort factor with workout clothing already. So if you’re running errands all day or even have a casual day out, you can get away with wearing your work out clothing and look fab. Get into those fancy track pants and a cool tank top on top. Athleisure is a trend in fashion and you can include it in your everyday attires.


With already sweat sticking to your body; you don’t want another piece of clothing sticking to your body. So always pick loose clothing with broad cuts and no slips to help you move around on a hot day. Looser is cooler in hot weather for all you know! This will help airflow in and out through your clothing. You can also pick crop tops that are baggy style or a-line dresses with extra flare to let air pass. Tight clothes cause you to sweat more and retain body odour making your hot weather day much more uncomfortable and you definitely don’t want that.


There is no denying the fact that shorts and skirts are much more comfortable and stylish as well than trousers and pants. Plus you get to show a little skin as well. The fact is that when you look stylish, you feel comfortable and confident. Shorts and skirts are best options for a hot day because they leave your legs uncovered and let them breathe. Leave alone at least one part of your body that is bare! Unless it’s a professional outing or formal dress code, you can always pick cotton or linen shorts and skirts on the go.


When we want to dress modestly and in a fashionable wear, the ground rule goes for adding more layers and accessories to the outfit. But unknowingly we suffocate ourselves and our bodies with multiple layers as we go about the day. There is already so much heat outside and on top of it, we are actually adding layers of a shrug or a scarf around the neck-doesn’t really sound like an idea to me! Always choose clothing that doesn’t require extra layering like sleeveless tops, a cool floral maxi dress which feels summery and also very easy to carry all day.

Lastly, it is advised to always opt for a good sunscreen as makeup when going outside on a hot sunny day as it will stay long lasting on your skin and will not melt. You need to feel comfortable but also protect yourself from the scorching heat outside.

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