As time is passing by, each day, people are coming up with many genius and innovative ideas of making certain things work or finding an easy alternative solution to some problems and things. Be it in the case of technology or basic human advancement, we all surely have come a long way. And when it comes to the world of beauty, they are not far lagging behind. In terms of advancement, treatments, and temporary beauty solution they have made a huge impact and made quite a stir in the whole world. Speaking of which, you may have heard about the latest beauty trend, which is getting eyelash extension. This is one of the hottest beauty trends which all the women can’t stop raving about, and why would they? As lashes they had always dreamt about, today has become very easy to achieve. While false lashes used to do the job perfectly well but it wasn’t quite a long term solution, and that is when fake eyelash extension made its way and made us women’s life easier and sorted. The way these fake lashes instantly changes the whole appearance of the person gets us every time and make us fall in love with them even more. But with that, the aftercare these lashes require is a whole new different thing, one wrong move, and it can cost you losing out on your new lashes as well as natural lashes plus your money getting wasted is another level of disappointment. In order to avoid any such thing from happening, you will have to follow a certain set of rules as long as you have your lashes on. We have listed a few things that you should strictly avoid doing in order to make your lashes stay for longer.

Avoid using water on lashes for the first 24 hours.

Just to be on the safer side, it’s always recommended not to use water on your eyelashes, as the glue that is applied on it needs some time to dry out and set in properly. If you have any makeup on, make sure to take it off very carefully, especially around your eye area. The makeup remover you are using should be free of oil as oil-based products are a big no-no for you.

Stay away from oil-based products.

Like we said before, all the oil-based makeup products should strictly be avoided as they can easily make your lashes fall out. The oil that is present in these products holds the capacity to break down the glue that is holding the lashes, which in turn makes them fall out earlier than the prescribed time. Certain products such as makeup removers, cleansers, and or anything that is oil-based should always be avoided, rather use products that are water-based.

Don’t apply any waterproof product on your lashes.

We all know, getting waterproof products off of your face is such a rigorous process. And in order to take it off, you would require strong oil-based remover, which you already know is a big no-no for you. Although you wouldn’t need to apply many coats of mascara or liner to enhance your looks, if you still insist on applying it then it’s best you choose the products that are not waterproof and can be removed very easily.

You can go a long way without applying mascara.

We know applying an extra coat of mascara may sound very tempting to you. But if you can help it, then it’s best not to apply mascara over your lashes, especially the ones that are oil-based. Mascara that is specially designed to be applied over the extensions, can prove to be your safest bet. However, you need to be very careful while taking it off to make sure none of your lashes come off.

Don’t play with your lashes.

Playing, pulling, picking, and rubbing your eyes can easily lead your lashes to fall out. This happens especially when you are sleeping, as absent-mindedly, some people tend to rub their eyes, which not only encourages your extensions to fall but also ends up damaging your natural lashes, which can lead to them falling out. So no matter what, always keep your hands at bay when it comes to your eyes, if you want to make your extensions as well as natural lashes to stay better and for longer.

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